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Crypto Project BLOCKS DAO Announces Partnership with HUMBL By BTC Peers


HUMBL Announces Partnership With Crypto Project BLOCKS DAO

BLOCKS DAO, LLC announced a partnership with HUMBL in order to experiment with blockchain technology, bridges, sidechains, etc.

What are BLOCKS, and HUMBLs?

BLOCKS, a project in development that aims at helping industries around the globe migrate to blockchain technology, is growing. This is the company’s vision of the best way for traditional industries to be improved while simultaneously pushing blockchain adoption and growing its utility.

So far, the company has had a blend of blockchain and non-blockchain partnerships, indicating that there is interest among non-blockchain firms, and even entire industries to see the firm’s mission come to fruition.

HUMBL is an initiative that connects consumers and merchants in the digital economy. It then links them together. HUMBL, a digital new way of using money, is an early stage fintech startup.

HUMBL and BLOCKS’ Strategic Collaboration

Both companies have announced a partnership recently and are already experimenting with the potential of blockchain. The firms are focusing on the use of bridges, to increase interoperability in the blockchain sector — something that is key for the arrival of Web 3.0 — and sidechains, which have become crucial to reducing the gas fees, especially when it comes to the NFT market.

NFTs are expected to explode in 2021. However, they remain too costly because of their low scale. However, the two companies are confident that experimenting with sidechains can bring forth a solution that will reduce gas fees for NFTs by up to 98%, improve NFT metadata storage across modalities such as video and music, and even create an improved “Verified by BLOCKS” registry, which would help customers track, verify, and authenticate their NFT holdings all over the world.

HUMBL is not the only company in Blocks Builders. All of the companies from the program will be leveraging the various Blocks Builder’s Modules in order to build better solutions and products with BLOCKS.

What can you expect from the Partnership?

What will the partnership bring to this? Well, given that HUMBL’s NFT clients include a lot of professional and even Olympic athletes, as well as musicians, it means that a lot more of them will get an opportunity to launch their own NFT collections in the near future.

Furthermore, the partners are also planning on experimenting with BLOCKS’ builder blockchain plugin modules across a variety of modalities. You can use this to make payments or purchase real estate via HUMBLWallet. Or, you could even sell tickets. This means that the two companies plan to work together to provide more practical, creative, innovative and effective solutions for the various industries. They also hope to help develop NFT’s growing market by taking out some of its obstacles. For potential BLOCKS Builders, the modules can be found in the BLOCKS github repo.

BLOCKS’ lead blockchain consultant, Adam Wolfe, commented on this issue, noting that every technology cycle has paired consumer packaging companies and the network they run on. HUMBL’s partnership with BLOCKS aims to do the same. Global consumers will have access to a more intelligent blockchain grid and a simpler packaging layer.

The partnership will certainly be interesting to follow and see where the joint research and investigation of blockchain’s capabilities will lead the two firms, as their discoveries could potentially solve problems in the broader blockchain sector.

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