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We haven’t even begun to tap into the potential of NFTs -Breaking


CNN and The New York Times were both available earlier in the summer. BewareThe nonfungible token (NFT) bubble fueledThe buzz surrounding eye-popping digital art valuations and collector interest might have already caused a bubble.

As the sixth employee at a social media startup called Wildfire — which was acquired by Google (NASDAQ:) in 2012 — I’m all too familiar with skeptics and precautionary tales when it comes to new and emerging technologies. My experiences in entertainment licensing, blockchain technology and the NFT market have taught me that the NFT bubble could burst, which would be good news for the future. The industry is so nascent, we’re the first batter of the first inning right now.

Ben ArnonCurio is a NFT platform that supports the entertainment sector. Ben was the chief revenue officer and co-founder of Curio. Ben began his career in entertainment with leading roles at Universal Pictures (AS:), Jersey Films, Universal Music Group, and Yahoo! (NASDAQ: Music. Wildfire was a tech startup that he helped scale to a Google acquisition. Ben served as a senior sales executive at Google for 4 years before returning to entertainment.