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Uber launches rapid grocery delivery service in Paris


A smartphone with the Uber Eats logo.

Hollie Adams | Bloomberg | Getty Images

LONDON — UberThe service, which ships vital items within 15 minutes to Paris homes of shoppers in Europe’s top grocery delivery companies, is now taking on Europe’s buzzy start-ups.

U.S.-based ride-hailing service and food delivery provider Rideshare announced that they have expanded their partnership with French supermarket chains. CarrefourCarrefour Sprint is the name of the new service. You can access it on Uber Eats starting Tuesday.

Rather than sending couriers to Carrefour stores, Uber is relying on a network of so-called dark stores — small warehouses where pickers and packers prepare orders for delivery — operated by French start-up Cajoo.

Carrefour partnered with CajooThis was done to enable it to launch its own quick delivery service. Cajoo is owned by a small minority of the retailers group.

Europe saw a flood of grocery upstartsThese companies emerged recently due to a strong demand during the coronavirus epidemic and hundreds of million of dollars of venture capital.

Turkey’s Getir raised $550 millionThe company was valued at $7.5Billion in June. Germany’s Gorillas just closed. $1 billion funding roundDelivery Hero, the food delivery company that launched Delivery Hero, valued the company at $3.1 million.

Uber Paris will compete with Getir and Gorillas in Paris. Yandex

European food delivery services are getting involved too. Deliveroo, a U.K.-based company that delivers fast groceries to customers in need of it, has launched its own service with retailer Morrisons

Critics are not welcome said rapid grocery delivery companiesDue to high scale costs and competition with big incumbent retailers, they will not be able to grow their businesses.

Uber expanded its grocery and food delivery business over the last year, as Covid-19 lockdowns have caused a drop in demand.

Uber has announced its partnership with Carrefour, which will allow users to place orders from nearly 2,000 everyday essentials such as fruit and vegetables, dry goods, and cleaning supplies. Cajoo stocks the items in nine of its dark shops located in Paris.

In partnership, both companies launched an online ordering system that allows users to buy groceries from more than 2,000 retailers. Uber announced that Carrefour Sprint will be expanding in France, with plans to open Carrefour Sprint locations in Lyon, Bordeaux, and Toulouse within the next few weeks.

Eve Henrikson is the regional general manager for Uber Delivery EMEA. She stated that people expect fast and reliable deliveries of their everyday necessities to their homes over the last 18 months. In Europe, we have seen an increase of triple-digits in grocery delivery.

Uber offers a similar deal with GoPuff in the U.S. aimed at  delivering essentials in a matter of minutes. Gopuff also expands its international rapid grocery delivery service. buying U.K. rival DijaIn August, for an undisclosed sum.

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