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Top Wall Street analysts see upside in stocks like AMD & Tesla


Strauss Zelnick is CEO of Take Two Interactive.


The third-quarter earnings season has come with plenty of stunning beats — and a few notable disappointments. Now investors face the daunting question of which companies can carry their successes into the next quarter.

Tesla is a leader in electric vehicle green-tidal waves and continues to be a major player. The video game industry saw tremendous growth during the pandemic. However, can Take-Two Interactive keep making a living from it? FuboTV now bets on the growth of its sportsbook business to increase profits. The shift to cloud services is creating a large demand for cloud infrastructure services and companies such as Calix. But will this firm be able to maintain its relevance in the future? The highly competitive industry of semiconductor developers is fierce, but Advanced Micro Devices appears to be positioned for some very well-designed quarters.  

According to TipRanks which monitors the top-performing stock pickers, some of Wall Street’s most successful analysts published bullish hypotheses about these five stocks. Let’s see what they had to say.   


Investors continue to be swept away by the green tsunami.(*) (TeslaThe ), has moved forward yet again by inking a $4.2 Billion deal with Hertz, a rental company (TSLAFor 100,000 units, the agreement will be renegotiated. While the agreement is certain to provide Tesla with consistent revenue through 2022, the deal will also help drive mainstream adoption of electric cars in the U.S. HTZZTipRanks Tesla Hedge Fund Trading ActivityDaniel Ives, of Wedbush Securities, explained in his report that Tesla, along with other competitors like General Motors, is leading the charge in domestic EV manufacturing. He also outlined the need for further innovation in electric vehicles.  

Ives reiterated the Buy rating on the stock, and $1100 price target for it.  

According to the five-star analyst, Tesla’s U.S. sales are facing a backlog that spans several months. While demand was high in Europe and China previously, Tesla has now experienced a multimonth delay. Ives anticipates that supply will increase immediately after the Austin and Berlin gigafactories are activated. The company can produce up to 2 million vehicles annually.  

The global shortage of chips has also hampered Tesla’s supply chain. This is what contributed to the long wait for Tesla vehicles.  

Ives said that Hertz was the “biggest order of electric vehicles ever made” and it “speaks to what demand will be for the EV transformation in the global auto industry.” 

TipRanks ranked Ives No. 1 out of over 7,000 analysts. Ives is 20. This strong performance resulted him in 78% success and an average return of 37.8% per trade.  

Take-Two Interactive Software  

Video game developers have had a good year and a half. Sales boomed thanks to government-mandated lockdowns and values rose. Take-Two Interactive Software was one of these developers.

It has moved away from its previous focus on game development and now invests heavily in sales, marketing, and other aspects of the business. The company has an impressive pipeline of projects in progress and is well-equipped to amaze investors.  TTWOAndrew Uerkwitz, Jefferies presented his hypothesis about the company. He wrote that he expects to be able to predict.

Over the next three year, nine of its major non-sports games titles will be released. This would significantly increase production from previous two or three titles per annum. If the firm can execute on this level, it would expand growth and fill a gap left by GTA VI (Grand Theft Auto 6, the latest edition of a popular video game), which is not expected to be released until 2026. (See TTWOTipRanks Take-Two News SentimentUerkwitz gave the stock a Buy rating and set a $231 price target.  

Take-Two is valued at “reasonable”, according to an analyst. Although it is impossible to predict exactly how the new games will perform, Uerkwitz believes that just the number of titles released could be sufficient to generate short-term and medium-term profits.  

Uerkwitz recommends that you buy the stock. He also notes that once the pipeline is in a better perspective, it will be possible to publish a lower price target. 

TipRanks, a financial data aggregator, has rated Uerkwitz No. Out of more than 7,000 analyst candidates, Uerkwitz was ranked at 111. His success rate is 65% and his ratings average a return on investment of 27.9%.  


The streaming wars go on.(*) (

The company () is making efforts to grow beyond TV entertainment. While the streaming and live sport service have primarily focused on their content, they are now awaiting approval to launch a betting business.  FuboTVIn an effort to increase subscriptions, the company also has deals with connected TV OEMs. Marketing costs have been reduced as a result. (See FUBOTipRanks 

Roth Capital Partners’ Darren Aftahi forecasts upside for the stock and rates it a Buy. He also assigns a $45. price target to it.  FuboTV Website TrafficAftahi stated that Fubo’s sportsbook should be launched as soon as possible, since the fourth quarter is known for having higher holiday advertising spending. FUBO has announced partnerships with NASCAR and teams in the NBA, NFL, and NHL. There are already hints about the launch. Aftahi hasn’t yet included a potential gaming and sportsbook segment in its valuation projections. This would be a bonus.  

Fubo must demonstrate its ability to capture players in an extremely competitive online gambling market once it is launched. This could be a “positive incremental growth catalyst”, driving subscribers numbers through FY2022.  

Aftahi pointed out that FuboTV could see a decrease in average revenue per user due to the fact that most subscribers signed up late this quarter. This is due in part to the timing of the football season, although he does not foresee this weighing on Fubo’s average advertising revenue per user, which is expected to improve quarter-over-quarter.  

TipRanks ranks Aftahi as the No. An average of 78 financial analysts out of over 7,000. He has been accurate 53% of all times and his stock selections averaged 49.2% returns.  


Cloud services were once considered an innovative technology, but they have become a standard feature since the Covid-19 pandemic. Cloud services are now a staple for companies like(*) (

According to George Notter from Jefferies, the “criticality” of broadband services has helped telecommunications companies remain relevant.  

Calix’s remarkable year-over-year performance was not enough to deter Notter from being bullish and rating the stock a Buy. His price target was $74.  CalixNotter said that Calix Cloud still has room for improvement, as it offers an array of data analytics tools, including customer support and marketing. Notter expects that long-term gains will be realized, but the current levels of penetration are only the start. (See CALXTipRanks 

Although encouraging results were reported by the company in its third quarter earnings report, supply-side constraints hampered its growth. The upside from Calix Cloud’s increased offerings was also affected by these challenges. Notter pointed out, however, the company manages its component supply well and is currently weathering this storm.  

Notter stated in his report that Calix would “start the fourth-quarter of 2021 with the strongest financial position ever in our history, and strong bookings.” Calix Risk FactorsClear customer and product focus These remarks were supported by comments about increasing international sales and high revenues.  

Notter is still No. From more than 7,000 professionals in financial analysis, 469 are Notter’s top picks. He is a successful analyst 67% of all the time and returns an average 17.1% for his stock picks.  

Advanced Micro Devices  [and]Advanced Micro Devices is thriving in a world where there are no semiconductors.

The sustained high demand for ) continues to be a boon. Recently, the designer of computer processors reported remarkable earnings that beat Wall Street consensus estimates regarding sales, earnings-per-share and gross margins. Analysts pay attention to what is happening beyond the third-quarter.

Bright future. (See

TipRanks AMDHans Mosesmann from Rosenblatt Securities wrote that AMD’s “David against Goliath” story was being seriously considered by investors. He said that AMD had been disrupting both the semiconductor industry and the competitors (namely Intel).AMD’They are facing a difficult battle.  AMD Stock AnalysisMosesmann has affirmed his bullish view on the stock and has raised his price target by $180, from $150.  

According to the analyst, AMD has high levels of momentum for all its products. The company is also experiencing “stronger demand than anticipated, share gains and better execution of supply-related constraints.” Mosesmann described the stock to be a top three Buy choice and indicated that he has long-term faith in AMD.  INTCHe also expects AMD to continue growing its market share in industrial, automotive, and communication infrastructure over the next few years.  

Mosesmann, out of more than 7,000 analysts ranks No. TipRanks ranks Mosesmann as No. 38. According to the site, his success rate was 73%. His average return per rating is 31%.