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Jeff Bezos pledges $2 billion to protect the environment


Jeff Bezos spoke at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow (United Kingdom) on November 2, 2021.

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AmazonJeff Bezos is the founder and has pledged $2Billion in funding to transform our food systems and restore natural beauty.

This funding will be provided by the Bezos Earth Fund. It is part of the billionaire’s $10 billion commitment to combat climate change in the next decade.

Bezos stated that “Nature can be beautiful, but also fragile,” he told delegates to the COP26 climate conference. Blue Origin was the first to take me into space in July. Although I had been told that viewing the Earth from space would change the way you see it, I wasn’t prepared to find out how true this was.

Bezos described 2021 to be a “critical year,” and encouraged humanity to “stand united to protect our planet.”

Each year forests and landscapes absorb 11. billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Nature is being destroyed and this causes it to be reversed,” he said at the Glasgow event. It is a grave danger for all of us.

The Bezos Earth Fund will be launched in September pledged to give away $1 billion in grantsThis year’s focus is on conservation.

Bezos declared that the $3 billion pledges together will lead to a new, threefold nature agenda at Bezos Earth Fund. This plan is focused simultaneously on restoration, conservation and food transformation.

We must preserve what is left, restore what’s lost, and grow the food we need without causing damage to the environment for future generations.

Bezos is focusing on Blue Origin, his space exploration company, and initiatives like the Earth Fund since stepping down as AmazonChief Executive Officer in July.

There are however concerns that private space travel, as claimed by Blue Origin and other firms, may be a lucrative business. become damaging to the environment as it gains traction