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Virginia governor election too close to call between Youngkin and McAuliffe


According to NBC News, the Virginia gubernatorial race between Republican Glenn Youngkin (Democrat) was close after Tuesday’s closing polls.

In the initial returns, Youngkin was slightly ahead of McAuliffe. At 7 p.m., polls were closed. ET

McAuliffe (64) and Youngkin (54), polled close to each other in the weeks preceding the election for Democratic governor. Ralph Northam.

McAuliffe is a friend and adviser to Bill Clinton for many years and Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State. From 2014 to 2018, he was the governor of the commonwealth. This ban prohibits them from pursuing consecutive terms. He also fought to maintain a Democratic winning streak of Virginia state races, which began in 2012. 

McAuliffe stated that “we’ve had an eight-year great run here” during last month’s first debate on gubernatorial elections, which was discussing Democratic power. We have a lot, look at what has happened over the past eight years in this state, which is open to everyone. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs. We made the state more welcoming and open to all. “We won’t be going back.”

Youngkin is a new political candidate who earned a lot during his tenure as a global investor at Carlyle Group for 25 years. His campaign exceeded expectations because of his outsider status, business experience, and appeal to Virginians worried about the state’s economy.

Youngkin stated that he was not a politician and that he doesn’t have as much political baggage over the past 120 years like my opposition. press release announcing his candidacy in January.

Virginia’s governoral race was the first significant statewide election since the arrival of President Joe Biden. The election was also one of last before Democrats get ready to defend their thin majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives next year in midterm elections.

The other race for governor in New Jersey is being determined Tuesday. Republican Jack Ciattarelli challenged Phil Murphy’s bid to reelection.

Experts considered the Virginia race a referendum about the party at the White House, and as an indication of the performance of the party in the 2020 elections.

Stephen Farnsworth (a professor of political science from the University of Mary Washington) said, “Virginia is a leading indicator for midterm elections”

Both candidates scrounged for votes ahead of Election Day as tighter-than-expected polling meant that the race would hinge on turnout of their partisan bases.

McAuliffe, Youngkin and others have blanketed digital and airspaces with information over the past two-months. campaign adsThey often took shots at each other and focused on national problems.

McAuliffe’s $44.4million and Youngkin’s $42.2million campaign war chests were almost equal in advertising expenses. 

McAuliffe’s most costly and most widely aired ads targeted his Republican opponent because of his open opposition against abortion. Youngkin’s most-watched and highest priced ads picked up McAuliffe in his opposition to school curriculum parental control. 

Other issues also rose to prominence in the dead heat race. 

Although both candidates claimed they were fully vaccinated and have maintained their opposing views on Covid-19 vaccine requirements, McAuliffe would have teachers, students, and health-care workers required to be vaccinated. Youngkin was opposed to mandates, arguing that they would push Americans out of jobs who do not want to get vaccinated. 

Also, the candidates argued over Donald Trump’s former presidency. 

Trump gave his endorsement to Youngkin and thanked him for being a businessman. Youngkin, however, remained distanced from Trump’s allies and declined to support them. He also stated that he had accepted the results for the 2020 presidential election. 

McAuliffe made every attempt to connect his GOP opponent to former President. McAuliffe called Youngkin a Trump wannabe, pointing out their similar stances regarding Covid-19 mandates. 

McAuliffe was not without his problems, however. 

McAuliffe referred to Biden’s low approval rating in Virginia as a problem for his campaign, calling the president’s popularity a challenge. 

McAuliffe stated, “As you all know, President Trump is not popular today unfortunately here in Virginia so we have to plow ahead,” Axios reported.