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Monster-battle NFT game Axie Infinity soars in popularity among developing nations -Breaking

Twitch is a video-game streaming platform that allows gamers to broadcast their gaming experiences to an online audience. The tokenomics of digital blockchain games such as have enabled users to earn money just by playing them. Axie Infinity published the following information at the time it was published. It has over 360,000 concurrent players.

Based on data, the United States was not included. RangsThird in the number of Axie Infinity active players. All other nations on this list are developing countries. About 40% of the players are estimated to be Based in the PhilippinesThis is all I can say. Twitter user Saharansub claims that Axie infinity Ghana players can earn between 854 and 2562 Ghanaian centis per month ($140 – $420), which is severally more than the minimum wage.