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Top Wall Street analysts say buy Ford & Caesars


Jim Farley, Ford CEO, poses with the Ford F-150 Lightning pickup in Dearborn (Michigan), May 19, 2021.

Rebecca Cook | Reuters

Every trading session is filled with quarterly earnings reports and stock swings.

Positive prints can have stocks jumping low volume trading in the after hours or selling off premarket as profit takers move in. In general, trading in the short term is dramatically more unpredictable, while long-term outlooks can provide more stable trajectories for stocks.

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These five top-performing stocks have been highlighted by the world’s best analysts according to TipRanks.


It is not easy to be an automaker in a global semiconductor shortage for months. Ford MotorFThis company was able to weather the storms and produce impressive earnings results for the third quarter. It has made a bold move toward developing a complete electric vehicle (EV) portfolio and holds many other potential opportunities. (See Ford Stock AnalysisTipRanks 

Philippe Houchois, Jefferies, wrote that Ford’Its future product mix is expected to continue its valuation gains. Ford should be able to counter normalization by leveraging industry leading product activity, structural costs reductions and a lower margin beginning point (to-date), he said.  

Houchois upgraded his price target for the stock from $17 to $20 and rated it a Buy.  

Management’s call was encouraging to the analyst. Ford’s strategy of built-to-order is well-managed inventory and Ford’s leadership has demonstrated a willingness to act tactically in uncharted industry waters.  

Ford is currently valued at $13 billion, but its gross margins are less than its current value. Houchois thinks that Ford has upside potential to increase its share price. He stated that many strategic levers are still available to enhance market exposure and product coverage and that Ford’s balanced sheet will allow it sufficient leverage to achieve its EV goals.  

TipRanks rated Houchois No.1 out of over 7,000 analysts. Houchois is ranked 304. Stock picks that he has made have been successful 64% of times. His average rating return is 31.6%.  


The Covid-19 pandemic spread throughout the globe, but people who were left at home turned to the internet as a way of occupying their time. Over the last year, it seems like almost all internet-based businesses have experienced a boom. Coursera is an online learning platform.COUR), which released impressive third-quarter earnings recently. (See Coursera News SentimentTipRanks 

Ryan MacDonald of Needham & Co. reported that CourseraA strong quarter of ramped up business performance was achieved, thanks to record enrollments of students. He stated that firm’s guidance and results “highlight company’s strengthening fundamental profile, exposure to attractive market trends and enhanced visibility.”  

MacDonald assigned the stock Buy by him and gave a target price of $45. 

The analyst was confident on the company due to the tough comparisons it went up against quarter-over-quarter. Coursera’s success shows the “strength of the B2B market,” he said.  

A decrease in pandemic-related restrictions was a major reason for the increase in users during the third quarter. MacDonald expects Coursera to keep driving value gains.  

TipRanks ranks MacDonald as the No. MacDonald is ranked No.169 among more than 7,000 financial analysts. His success rate is 66% and his rating average returns 48.8% for each rating.  

Caesars Entertainment  

Caesars Entertainment (CZRAccording to its most recent earnings release, ), had a productive third quarter. The firm’s Las Vegas properties boosted confidence in the brick-and mortar business.  

Deutsche Bank’s Carlo Santarelli stated that company has a “strong start in Las Vegas” during the fourth quarter. The bank is expecting a successful season. Caesars’s successful marketing campaigns had brought in new business and increased revenue, he said. (See Caesars Entertainment Website TrafficTipRanks 

An analyst who is bullish rated the stock Buy and gave it a target price of $132 each share.  

It also offers traditional casino and hotel streams. CaesarsIt is witnessing bullish trends for its sports-gaming service. The company may also receive approval from the New York State regulator for its online sports betting license. This would be a positive catalyst to help drive upside.  

Santarelli mentioned that a sale of assets could be possible in the first quarter 2022. It could be a Las Vegas property and help to improve the balance sheet.  

Santarelli is No. 1 among more than 7,000 analysts. Santarelli is ranked No.102 out of more than 7,000 analysts. His success rate is 71% and the average return on his stock selections has been 42.8%.  

Lithium Americas  

As electric vehicle adoption increases, batteries are an essential piece. The high production cost of batteries has led to high prices for most electric cars. It is essential that EV manufacturers have a constant supply of lithium carbonate to meet heavy demand. Argentina is home to a significant amount of this metal.(*) (Lithium Americas) has offered to acquire another lithium manufacturer. (See LACTipRanks Lithium Americas Stock ChartsLaurence Alexander, a Jefferies reporter on the situation of large lithium miners in Australia wrote about how the company was able to take up Millennial Lithium.

This would greatly expand LAC’s operations in Salta Province, northern Argentina’s element-rich Salta Province. He stated that Millennial owns approximately 40 years of lithium carbonate reserves.  MLNLFAlexander gave the stock a Buy rating and set a $34 price target. The target was a major increase over his prior $22 per share.  

Lithium Americas’ proposed acquisition will give them enough leverage to meet their rapidly increasing demand. Alexander predicts that miners will “rally” 6-12 months before “balance tightens,” if they want to take advantage of the large supply-demand gap.  

It is worth noting that LAC’s upside depends on macroeconomic factors beyond its control. The South American tax policies as well as regulatory sentiment regarding EVs and severe weather can have an impact on production costs and output.  

Alexander is now No. Alexander is ranked 447 among more than 7,000 analysts. His average return is 17.1% and he has succeeded 64% of his time. 

Steve Madden  

Steve Madden is a footwear and fashion retailer

Wall Street estimates for earnings per share (and revenue) were surpassed by ). It has seen high sales thanks to its ecommerce channels. Sam Poser from Williams Trading says that both the retailer as well as its brands can expect to see upside. (See SHOOTipRanks Steve Madden Risk FactorsPoser declared his bullishness on the stock, rating it as a Buy with a target price of $59.  

Analyst believes the indicators indicate a strong level of demand

He is confident that its brands are well-positioned for the future and will continue to offer innovative products and services. The company is reducing the impact of supply-side limitations and effectively managing its inventories. Poser stated that SHOO has maintained its market share and relative speed in the face of disruptions to supply chains. Steve Madden’sIts marketing department is also a success in attracting new customers. The new campaign “Maddenverse”, which is based on its own advertising, has evoked nostalgia among the older generation and sparked interest from younger buyers. Poser also praised the company’s “chameleon-like” ability to produce trend-right products.  

Poser believes that these attributes are not only positive, but also lead to higher margins and greater profits.  

TipRanks ranked Poser No. Poser is ranked 112 among more than 7,000 professionals analysts. His ratings have been successful 61% of time. They collectively average 55.3% returns per rating.