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Disney+, Netflix, and other streaming services: Subs, ARPU, Q3 2021


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DisneyThe following is a list of suggested resources. earnings reportThe familiar Disney+ story on Wednesday was that subscribers are increasing, but they’re slowing.

Disney has announced that it had added 2.1million subscribers in its fourth quarter fiscal, which concluded Oct. 2. It’s a drop from the 12.6 million subscribers added during the quarter before.

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At the same time, slow growth was the theme AT&TWarnerMedia ViacomCBS. Peacock at NBCUniversal added “a few more subscribers”, but did not reveal a new number.

Only NetflixThe quarter ended with an increase in subscribers of 4.4million, as opposed to the 1,000,000 adds it reported during its first quarter. Netflix anticipates an even greater rebound in the next quarter. The company expects to add 8.5million subscribers, based on “Squid Game”, and the addition of other popular content, such as “Tiger King 2”.

Slower growth in streaming services could indicate that pandemic gains may be waning, as people turn to out-of-home activities.

Despite this, it seems that the trend towards streaming and cancellation of linear television is continuing. Disney, WarnerMedia AMC NetworksAll forecasts for the future and full year were reaffirmed. While pandemic gains might have slowed down, shutdowns and production slowdowns also ended. This will result in a surge in new content on all streaming services.

How to determine who’s winning or losing the game isn’t easyIt is. An easy way to determine this is to look at ARPU, which stands for average revenue per user and total subscribers. These numbers are not always available for every company.

Below is a summary of the current position of all major streaming service after they report earnings for the third quarter.


  • Global paying subscribers reached 214 millions (up 4.4million from the last quarter).
  • 74.2 million subscriber in Canada and the U.S. (up 0.07million)
  • The average revenue per unit (or ARPU) for the U.S.A and Canada is $14.68, up $0.14

Netflix continues its dominance of streaming with global total subscribers, clear transparency about regional paying customers and ARPU. After just one million subscribers in the quarter before, it rebounded in Q3, with 4.4 million new global subscribers.


  • Disney+ including Hotstar: 18.1 Million Subscribers, $4.12 Global ARPU (up approximately 2.1M from the last quarter).
  • Hulu subscription video-on-demand or SVOD only: Only 39.7 Million Subscribers, $12.75 Average Revenue Per User (up approximately 600,000.)
  • Hulu TV SVOD+Live TV 4 Million Subscribers, $84.89 Average Revenue Per User (up approximately 300,000.)
  • ESPN+: 17.1 million subscribers, $4.74 ARPU (up 2.2 million)

Amazon Prime Video

  • Jeff Bezos made more than 175,000,000 statements in April Amazon Prime members had streamed shows and movies in the past year. The second and third quarters were not updated.
  • Prime memberships cost $12.99 a month or $119 a year but offer many benefits other than streaming video — including free one-day or two-day shipping on most Amazon packages. Amazon doesn’t break out ARPU.


  • Apple TV+ Subscribers: (No update during third-quarter earnings.
  • ARPU:

AppleSince its inception, the company hasn’t revealed subscribers numbers. The spokesperson for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (a union representing behind-the scenes workers), said that they have not revealed subscriber numbers since it launched in 2019. told CNBC in SeptemberApple had less than 20,000,000 subscribers in Canada and the U.S. as of July 1. Apple saw “Ted Lasso,” its comedy about sports, win seven Emmy Awards. It is an indication that Apple’s streaming goals are beginning to be appreciated by consumers.

NBCUniversal’s Peacock

  • 54 Million “sign-ups” as of July (no update in 3Q)
  • ARPU:
  • There are three tiers to choose from: No commercials; $4.99 per month for more content and fewer ads; $9.99 per month ad-free.

ComcastNBCUniversal (the parent company of CNBC) did not release an update sign-ups figure for Peacock. Jeff Shell, CEO at NBCUniversal said however during an earnings call, that “a few million additional subs” were added to the streaming service during Q3. The ARPU number has yet to be released by the company, however, NBCUniversal did release it. estimated last year that Peacock would deliver a combined $6 to $7 a month among its three tiers.

WarnerMedia’s HBO Max and HBO Max



Discovery+ has the majority of Discovery+’s 20 million subscribers, although Discovery doesn’t give a precise figure. Eurosport Player, GolfTV and other Discovery streaming products are also available.


AMC Networks

  • Total subscribers
  • ARPU:

AMC Networks did not share subscriber numbers but reaffirmed that it’s on target to reach 9 million paid subscribersA statement that it made for the first time in August was confirmed by AMC Networks at the close of the year. AMC Networks estimates that it will have between 20 and 25 million subscribers in 2025.

Disclosure: CNBC is owned by NBCUniversal.