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Slotie Aims To Bring Innovation To The Gambling Industry By Introducing DeFi By BTC Peers


Slotie Introduces DeFi to Bring Innovation To The Gambling Industry

Gambling and betting have been a popular part of human history. Since the beginning of play cards, 9th-century China’s first, Romans had been wagering on animal fighting. Or Poker, which was 17th-century card-game based upon the Persian As-Nas. Gambling and betting also saw a shift in the internet’s direction. People could now bet on live football matches or boxing matches.

There is one thing that has remained constant from the pre-internet age to the present day: the betting system was always centralized. A bookmaker, or intermediary in this instance, who books the stake and offers odds, is required. It is possible to tamper with the system and collude in it. But, Decentralized Finance, which allows betting without the intervention of bookies, has allowed it to happen. Pre-determined contracts and smart conditions can now be used in place of bookies. This helps ensure transparency and reduces the chance of collusion. Instead of the bookmaker giving the odds, the decentralized oracles provide real-time updates and can be used to update all the relevant information.

Transform the betting industry with decentralized finance

Since years gambling has been plagued with unfair and fraudulent activities. There are many instances when a player does not get their payout immediately after they have placed a winning bet. This is due to a variety of unfair payout procedures and unnecessary verifications. Additionally, bookmakers can control the outcome of gambling events and make profit from the system. The advent of decentralized financing has allowed the gambling market without intervention from a bookmaker.

The entire gambling sector can now run decentralized apps that use smart contracts. By increasing transparency and providing seamless user experiences, decentralized gambling apps have transformed the betting industry.

The Gambling Industry Benefits from Decentralized Apps (DApps).

These apps are a great solution for the problems plaguing gambling. These advantages include:

  • Transparency: All bets placed through the Gambling DApp are recorded in a public blockchain ledger that is accessible by all. The public ledger is a tool to prevent fraud and other collusion, as it cannot be changed and cannot be accessed by intermediaries.
  • User experience is smooth: Gambling DApps transactions are frictionless and can use cryptocurrencies to make bets in lieu of fiat money. You don’t have to submit sensitive financial information and wait for bank verification in order to place a bet. It is possible to receive fast payouts for your winning bets with crypto as a payment method.
  • Accessibility: Anyone can place a gambling DApp anywhere on the planet. Users are not bound by regulations or policies anymore, as regulators and government cannot stop them.
  • Slotie: A Decentralized Betting Platform

    According to playtoday’s data, 17 people out of 100 like betting and 26% of the global population have gambled or placed bets at least once. The data shows how important gambling has become to society. Reforming the system so that people can enjoy the advantages of gambling will be an “game changer.”

    Slotie, a “innovative” platform for decentralized betting, aims to innovate DeFi through the unique use of blockchain and NFTs. By allowing customers to use their NFTs for passive revenue, the slotie platform changes the way people bet.

    Sloties NFTs are 10000 NFT tokens that were based on ERC-721 standards. They can be used as tickets for Slotie’s new DeFi world. Sloties is expanding its online casino network, which now includes more than 150 casinos around the world. It is important to note that the slotie NFT’s rarity can impact the percentage of revenue a player receives from their casino partners. The rarer the slotie the more passive income he or she will earn.

    How to Stake Slotie NFTs

    Slotie enables its community to earn rewards and become the “house” in 150 casinos by adding NFTs to the slot machines. Slotie NFT is a way for users to invest their cash in the slot machines. The User’s Slotie FFT award is given to players who win a slot machine. They also get a full refund as well as additional cash for the experience.

    Slotie NFT holders are also eligible to become VIP members in each of 150 of the casinos that the Slotie platform partners. Each Slotie NFT owner is entitled to 20% cashback. WATTs are the native slotie token. Slotie NFT owners receive up to 10 WATTs tokens each day.

    Slotie seems to be a game-changer in the casino business. The company empowers the community through offering all the benefits of the house at 150 casinos. It also offers a new and innovative approach. The Slotie platform also offers passive income opportunities for users by simply staking Slotie NFTs.

    You can learn more about this “innovative” project by visiting their website

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