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SpaceX launches NASA’s Crew-3 astronaut mission


SpaceX launches Crew-3 on the Falcon 9 rocket, November 10, 2021.


SpaceX sent four astronauts from Florida to the International Space Station on Wednesday night. The company continues its steady stream of crewed missions.

Known as Crew-3, the mission for NASAThe quartet will be brought to the ISS by SpaceX for a six month stay onboard the laboratory’s research station. SpaceX sent the astronauts into space in the Crew Dragon capsule it built on top a Falcon 9 rocket.

“It was a great ride – better than we imagined,” NASA astronaut and Crew Dragon commander Raja Chari told mission control after the launch.

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, and Crew Dragon capsule, were launched from launch pad 39A, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral on November 9, 2021.

Joe Raedle – Getty Images| Getty Images

SpaceX launched its third astronaut crew mission for NASA. It also marks the launch of the Crew-3 capsule, the Crew-3 astronauts’ latest addition to the Crew Dragon fleet. The Crew-3 mission brings the number of astronauts SpaceX has launched to 18.

It carries three Americans, one German, NASA astronaut Raja Chari (Tom Marshburn), Kayla Barron (Kayla Barron) and Matthias Maurer (European Space Agency). Chari, Barron, and Maurer are the three crewmembers who will be making their first spaceflight.

SpaceX created its Crew Dragon spacecraft, and tuned its Falcon 9 rocket for commercial crew under NASA’s Commercial Crew program. This provided $3.1 billion for the development of the Falcon 9 rocket and six operations missions.

Commercial Crew can be a very competitive program. NASA has also given Boeing contracts worth $4.8 million to build its Starliner spacecraft. Boeing’s capsule, however, remains in development due to an uncrewed flight test in December 2019These people faced many challenges.

Crew-3, the third of the six SpaceX missions, is NASA’s latest investment in spacecraft development.

NASA stresses that SpaceX is an alternative to sending astronauts into space. cost-saving option as well. NASA expects $55 million to send Crew Dragon astronauts, while $86 million will pay Russian astronauts who fly on Russian spacecraft. NASA estimates that there are two companies competing to win contracts last year. saved the agency between $20 billion and $30 billion in development costs.

SpaceX Crew-3 astronauts pose on the spacecraft in front the Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon stacks, which are located inside Kennedy Space Center’s horizontal processing area at Kennedy Space Center. They were photographed on October 26, 2021.


This mission will see the debut of Endurance, a Crew Dragon capsule. SpaceX plans to launch a fourth Crew Dragon in the early part of next year.