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Iceland parodies Zuckerberg Meta announcement in viral tourism video


The goal of a tourism video was to increase Icelandic awareness.  

video published yesterday by Inspired by IcelandA marketing campaign to promote Icelandic tourism takes aim at Mark Zuckerberg’s October video announcing Facebook’s new name, Meta. This is what it looks like. Zuckerberg hypes “Metaverse,” or virtual reality, is a new concept that “will replace the mobile web.”

The metaverse’s defining quality, said Zuckerberg, is “the feeling of presence … like you’re there with other people.”

You are welcome to the “Icelandverse”

The Icelandic tourism authorities believe they have something more to offer.

In the new video, a Zuckerberg lookalike — complete with his Caesar cut, minimalist garb and hand gestures — introduces viewers to “Icelandverse,” a place of “enhanced actual reality without silly looking headsets.”

“Today I want to talk about a revolutionary approach on how to connect our world — without being super weird,” the speaker deadpans to the camera.

This video highlights Iceland’s “completely immersive” experience, which includes its “real rocks”, real people, and “skies that you can see with all your eyes.”

The parody continues in press materials that were sent to journalists. They explain that Icelandverse was “after millions upon years of development”, and that users can “explore and navigate their way through many layers of captivating reality by simply visiting.”

The act is also being carried out by officials.  

Sigridur Gudmundsdottir from Visit Iceland stated, “Icelandverse” in a press release.

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