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Laura K. Inamedinova is the CEO of LKI Consulting. What does it take to be successful in crypto?

Here’s the inspirational story of a former student in physics who is now the CEO and founder of LKI Consulting, a consulting firm that focuses on technology companies. Laura K. Inamedinova (26), a CEO and businesswoman at LKI Consulting says you can get started in crypto regardless of your gender or age.

There are some things you should consider before entering the cryptocurrency market. DailyCoin spoke with Inamedinova in an exclusive interview. She shared her crypto journey, as well as her success in B2B marketing and how she became a female entrepreneur in the traditionally male-dominated cryptocurrency industry.

LKI Consulting was established in 2015 and is a London-based agency that focuses on the marketing of crypto projects. It is often difficult for consumers to understand these complex projects because they are technical. As marketers, the company’s goal is to translate difficult-to-understand topics into simple language. LKI Consulting is happy to take on clients that are just starting out in the cryptocurrency scene.

“We use our expertise in the field to guide clients through the process and reach their target audience. We create and implement the most effective marketing strategies through PR, design, social media and leadership. We are extremely lucky to be working with some of the most prominent names in the industry,”
DailyCoin was told by Inamedinova

Start a career in cryptocurrency

During Inamedinova’s time in college studying physics, she realized that she didn’t feel passionate about becoming a scientist and began looking for other career opportunities, trying to find her muse in life.

Inamedinova started her career in marketing for technology companies. In late 2016, she moved onto working on an ICO project, which wasn’t a popular concept at the time. This proved to be extremely successful. Inamedinova and her team managed to raise about a million dollars.

“When you finish one project, others start to approach you. It was a kind of an accident transition for me. Back then, I didn’t expect to become a big part of LKI Consulting.”


“I am all about empowering women, and I always support women to get into the tech and crypto industry. Crypto is an exciting new industry that offers everyone equal chances to success, regardless of age.

My first year of employment in 2016 was the same as someone my age. In other industries that are already established and more mature, you don’t have this advantage as a young person. Therefore, I am really advocating for women to come into this industry in which we have an equal playing field,”
Inamedinova was shared.

The founding partner of the agency was a strong advocate for cryptocurrency investments. At a young age she began investing, and made a passive income. This gave her greater opportunities to invest further and achieve personal goals.

“This is something I would suggest to everyone, especially women. I believe it is important to put it out in the world that crypto is not only for finance bros.”

Earn a degree in blockchain technology

“I highly recommend anyone who wants to have a tech-related career to look into Blockchain and Crypto because Crypto is here to stay,”
According to Inamedinova.

“There is even one university in Cyprus, University of Nicosia, at which you can get a master’s degree in Blockchain and Digital Currency.”
Other opportunities exist to get information about crypto. Inamedinova was able to access Crypto through online resources such as YouTube (NYSE:) and Twitter. The industry’s frontiers will only be open to those who have the necessary education and knowledge.

What Are the Chances of Making It Big in Cryptomarket?

Here are some traits that will make you a successful crypto trader, according to Inamedinova

  • Passionate about innovation and new technologies, motivated by ambition and learning.
  • Spending time at the computer is a pleasure, as it allows you to research and understand complex subjects.
  • Uses analytical thinking to grasp complex concepts.
  • This industry is community-based and requires strong people skills.
  • Believes that the industry is a little bit crazy, and will continue to work even when it’s hard.

“I am very fortunate with the team I have at LKI Consulting. They are smart, hardworking people with a passion for crypto. They are excited to be paving the way for future generations.”
Inamedinova, who bought her first crypto company early 2017, is an avid believer in it. She also sees her agency as focusing exclusively on cryptocurrency companies. LKI Consulting is committed to continuing to service such companies, making the crypto community easier and more transparent for everyone.

“I will be trying my best to educate the masses on the unseen potential of the crypto industry and taking a stand on crypto penetration across different markets. Other than that, I guess I see myself buying a few more Birkins with profits from Bitcoin,”
The conclusion of Inamedinova.

To The Flipside

  • Although cryptocurrency has strong potential, success in crypto markets is not easy and is fraught with dangers.
  • Crypto marketers must always be adaptable and innovative in order to gain acceptance and growth.

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