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The stablecoin boom won’t continue without decentralized interoperability -Breaking


Stablecoins, which have a market capital of more than $100 billion, are the foundation of digital asset markets. Already, governments are taking great measures to keep up with these trends. A November 2021 report published by the United States President’s Working Group on Financial Markets details the There are many ways to regulate stablecoins.It is carried out in accordance with government guidelines. A Global central bank surveyThe Bank for International Settlements has shown that 86% central banks now engage in at least some degree with central bank digital currency (CBDCs), which is a government-backed version of a stablecoin. Seven central banks have officially launched CBDCs. 17 other are currently in the pilot phase. As perTo the Atlantic Council CBDC tracker.

Stablecoins, like all cryptocurrency, rely on blockchain technology for peer-to-peer digital transactions. They have the bearer-instrument status and final settlement properties of cash. It promises to speed up transactions and lower settlement costs. Additionally, it will allow for greater control over end-users.

Sergey GorbunovAxelar is his co-founder, and he serves as the CEO. It connects different blockchain ecosystems. His Ph.D. was earned at MIT where he was a Microsoft Ph.D. Fellow. Sergey co-authored many cryptographic standards, protocols and systems. Algorand was founded by Sergey, who worked with the core platform development team and also led the cryptography group.
Tai PanichChief Venture and Investment Officer of SCB 10X. This is the digital investment arm for Siam Commercial Bank (OTC), Thailand’s oldest and largest bank. Her experience in technology investments in Silicon Valley and New York spans over twenty years. She has extensive experience in the investment in private and public technology companies. Her specialties include fintech, Blockchain and DeFi (AI, robotics and enterprise software and hardware) and internet/media. Tai worked previously as a portfolio manger at Pictet Asset Management where she invested in globally-listed technology companies with an emphasis on Asia.