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Qtum (QTUM): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community
  • Qtum is going through a redesign to improve its offerings to a larger audience.
  • Qtum unveiled its logo in a video that lasts 30 seconds. It will soon be changing its name.
  • Qtum will schedule the first network halving to take place on December 1, to bring down the QTUM inflation rate to 0.5%
  • The founder of Qtum, Patrick Dai, recently announced that Qtum is working to support Bitcoin’s Taproot network

Qtum, a general purpose blockchain, combines all the benefits of both the and. Qtum aims to address the problems of governance, interoperability and costliness in the proof-of work mechanism.

Qtum was launched in 2016 and enjoyed great success. It made it easier to connect smart contracts with real applications. Qtum has reached 1,343 nodes across 64 countries thanks to its performance. How has Qtum done in recent years?

Prices Updates

QTUM was the utility token in the Qtum Network. It enjoyed one its greatest rallies, reaching a six-month peak. QTUM reached $19.15 on November 1 after a 30% increase in its last week.

A one-week chart showing the price of Qtum. Source: Tradingview

QTUM is trading at $15.809 as of the writing. This follows a drop of 4.2% over the past 24 hours. CoinMarketCap ranks Qtum as the 86th most valuable digital asset, with a market capital of $1.563 trillion.

Latest Developments

Qtum had commissioned a firm of designers to help rebrand their project towards the end October. Qtum’s social engagement reached its highest point in three months after the rebranding.

The rebranding falls into Qtum’s plan of expanding and showcasing their technology more. Qtum received a new website, brand design, marketing team and mascot since the announcement of their rebranding.

Qtum’s new logo was revealed on November 10th. A 30-second video was used to unveil the Qtum new logo. Qtum promised to keep improving its brand, Qtum, in 2022 and beyond.

Qtum will get a new name in the final phase of its rebranding. Qtum is yet to announce the name change, but it announced that more developers have been hired by Qtum for its expansion and rebranding projects.

Qtum has also partnered recently with Travala a blockchain-based booking platform for travel. The partnership allows users to book travel and accommodation, and then pay using Qtum via Travala.

Events in the Future

Qtum’s development team announced on December 1 that Qtum will see its first halving (QTUM). The reward for mining coins (QTUM), is halved.

According to the team, QTUM’s inflation rate will drop from 0.5% per annum by halving the number of users on its network. A QTUM inflation rate of 0.5% per annum will be less than the experience with gold, BTC and ETH.

The founder of Qtum, Patrick Dai, recently announced that Qtum would support Bitcoin’s biggest tech updates, including the Taproot in the upcoming Qtum release.

Without fixing a timeline for the upgrade’s release, Dai revealed that integrating Taproot into Qtum will enhance the scalability and privacy of the network. Dai believes that Qtum will become a more secure platform and coin with the upgrade.

To learn more about Taproot, the Qtum team attended the Wanxiang Blockchain Conference in Shanghai.

Qtum, which has just completed its brand rebranding announced it would be participating more in the metaverse. The Qtum network could integrate online gaming and decentralized social media into its platform over the next few months.

To The Flipside

  • Qtum, a groundbreaking project launched in 2016, was not widely adopted.
  • QTUM suffered a dramatic decline after an impressive start. QTUM is currently trading at 84% of its $199.87 record.

The Community

Qtum is an open, public blockchain. It relies on its community for growth and improvement. More people are joining the Qtum train because of its growing community via social media. QTUM stands for native blockchain token.

Qtum organizes a Stakea-thon in order to increase community participation. Decentralized governance protocols allow users to change the blockchain without the need to use a hardfork.

Like many community projects, QTUM members believe that QTUM is on the right track. As Qtum rallied, @pitsenz wrote:

@MikeEMars shares his thoughts on the potential for QTUM

@Krypto_SouLKinG also posted about QTUM

Why you should care

Qtum is unique because it incorporates elements from both Bitcoin and Ethereum and enhances them. Qtum’s upcoming halving and rebranding could help to attract attention, and potentially reclaim its ATH.


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