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Belgium PM de Croo says he wants to avoid lockdown


Alexander De Croo, prime minister of the United Kingdom is pictured at a press conference.

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BRUSSELS — Belgium is toughening up social restrictions as Covid-19CNBC hears that cases have risen, but Alexander de Croo, the Prime Minister of Canada tells CNBC that society must remain open.

It’s not the exact same virus. “This is a mutation, which makes it more dangerous,” said the Belgian prime Minister in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

But he said: “Our goal is to keep society open. We want to make our businesses open. Our schools will remain open. And our restaurants, cafes, and hotels will remain open. With additional protection.

On Wednesday, the government stated that workers should be able to work at home for four days per week up until December mid-December. Then they can go back to work three days later. If you are not seated, all indoor venue patrons over the age of 10 will need to use a mask. Even nightclubs need to test their guests in order for them to be able dance without a mask.

The daily average Covid infection rate in Belgium over the past 7 days has been 10,283. This is not the highest it has been. since last winter. The current average number of daily hospital admissions per day stands at 280. It is the highest level since the beginning of spring.

This picture is similar across Europe. The Netherlands, Ireland and Slovakia are just a few of the European countries to have reimposed social restrictions.

But for Belgium’s de Croo, the answer to the current wave is not targeting the unvaccinated — as Austria has done.

It is always risky to compare countries. Comparing our situation to Austria will show that vaccine use in Austria is substantially lower than Belgium’s, de Croo explained.

“The partial lockdown that they have implemented focuses on people who aren’t vaccinated. It would not be efficient here in Belgium as the situation here is very different. He said that vaccinating a large proportion of people, or a greater percentage, than the rest, was a common practice.

Our World in Data data shows that 74% of Belgium is fully vaccinated. This figure is higher than the European Union average. Austria has a population of 64% that have not received their full Covid-19 vaccination.

Some Belgian politicians are arguing about whether mandatory vaccinations should be implemented, but the Prime Minister de Croo insists that it is an individual choice.

It’s important to remember that vaccines are a decision. This is a smart decision. It’s an individual choice. He stated that proving people is always more effective than convincing them with facts.

Belgium is currently administering boosters for the elderly, but this will be extended to other age groups.

“Within the next days, we will start a huge campaign to make sure that the general public — so people also younger than 65, get access to a booster shot,” de Croo told CNBC at the European Business Summit.