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Theranos patient says blood test came back with false positive for HIV


Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos Inc. arrives at San Jose federal court, California on Wednesday Sept. 22, 2021.

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SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Erin Tompkins, who got her blood drawn from a Theranos device at a WalgreensArizona woman claims that the HIV test incorrectly diagnosed her with an HIV antibody. This sent her into panic.

Tompkins said that he was emotional during the trial. He told jurors Wednesday at the criminal trialElizabeth Holmes is the founder of Theranos.

Tompkins, who was also a witness in the trial and the second patient, testified that she read Theranos’ article in Forbes. On her second visit, she found out more information about Theranos blood-testing firm. FacebookFrom a friend looking for affordable healthcare options.

Holmes faces 12 charges of wire fraud as well as conspiracy to commit fraud. Federal prosecutors claim she has been involved in a scheme for ten years to mislead investors and patients concerning her company’s ability to test blood. Holmes has pleaded no guilty.

Tompkins claimed that Theranos’ cheap prices convinced her. Jurors were told by Tompkins that she asked her doctor in May 2015 to perform a blood test. The test was paid for out of her own pocket as she doesn’t have health insurance.

When you made the decision to visit Theranos for your blood tests, were you relying on exact results? John Bostic asked Tompkins, an assistant U.S. Attorney.

“Absolutely,” Tompkins said.

“Birther than cost, which is more important for you?” Bostic was curious.

Tompkins responded, “Well, accuracy was most important when you have a medical procedure. But cost was very close second.”

Tompkins tested her and found that she was positive for HIV antibodies. Tomkins stated that she was not diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and had never experienced any symptoms.

Tompkins reported that Tompkins called Theranos within minutes of receiving her results. Tompkins claimed she called customer service to speak with someone who “couldn’t transfer me” and that’s all she knew.

“Are you able to speak with a doctor or scientist at Theranos at any point?” Bostic was curious.

“No,” Tompkins said.

Tompkins was screened for HIV again three months later. Results came back negative. The results of her HIV test were negative.

The testimony of Tompkins continues Thursday

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