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COP26 had big ambitions; here’s why it fell short


COP26 was billed by many as the best and last chance to save our planet. What happened at the conference centre? And will this solve our climate crisis?

“I apologize for the way this process has unfolded, and I am deeply sorry.”

Alok Sharma from the U.K. was the COP26 president and spoke out after the Glasgow Climate Pact had already been signed by more than 200 countries.

China and India are two of the largest coal burners in the world. They had changed the language of the agreement from “phase out” to “phase down.”

The summit concluded a meeting that, despite numerous climate promises, sees the world still on the path of an increase of 2.4 degrees Celsius before the end of this century according to world-leading climate scientists.

This is a long way from 1.5 degree Celsius increase that would reduce the most severe effects of climate emergencies, which was a goal set by the 2015 Paris Agreement.

You can see the video below to learn more about what happened in Glasgow, and how COP26 failed to meet its goals.