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The three traits of Web 3.0 that fix what went wrong with today’s internet -Breaking


It is a huge leap forward for blockchain tech. It wasn’t that long ago that crypto remained at the fringes, evangelized by a vocal minority. Once the COVID-19 virus pandemic hit, many people returned to their houses and found that they had ample time to explore new interest. Crypto was able to benefit from this increased attention and became part of everyday conversation among family, friends, and colleagues.

Even so, it’s still early in crypto. It’s still not easy to get widespread adoption and the traditional tech gatekeepers continue to hold on to control of the digital economy. We are building to loosen this grip. Web 3.0 or the decentralized internet have to do a better job at defining the narrative about what’s at stake if we continue along with the status quo.

Doug PetkanicsLivepeer was founded by Doug, who is currently working with the Livepeer team to build a live streaming platform for video streaming. Doug is also the co-founder of Wildcard (a mobile browser) and was CEO prior to Livepeer. Hyperpublic was also founded by him, and it was later acquired by Groupon (NASDAQ). Both companies had him as the Vice President of Engineering.