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How liquid staking disrupts parachain auctions on Polkadot -Breaking


The crowd loan in Polkadot is an (DOT) crowdsourcing event. It allows members of the community to fund bids at upcoming parachain-slot auctions. Participants contribute DOT, get rewards in tokens, and their DOT is returned in 2 years. This is the normal slot lease term. Projects can raise significant capital using DOT tokens, which may be worth several hundred millions of dollars.

The obvious downside for users is the need to lock their DOT for two years where they don’t have access to their liquidity during this lockup period.

Alex MelikhovEquilibrium was founded by Alex as its CEO. Alex, who has over 14 years experience in fintech and entrepreneurial ventures, is involved with cryptocurrency industry since 2013. Equilibrium, Alex’s current project, is designed to address the issue of DeFi liquidity fragmentation.