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Justice Department tells prosecutors to prioritize cases against crimes on flights


Delta provides data from its preflight testing program that offers new information about testing viability, testing accuracy, passenger infections rates and testing feasibility for commercial flights.

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On Wednesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland directed U.S. lawyers to prioritise federal criminal prosecutions on commercial airplanes in the holiday season. 

In the following: memoGarland encouraged federal prosecutors and law enforcement to communicate directly with Garland about commercial flight incidents that violate federal regulations. Garland also encouraged the reporting of criminal acts in a prompt and complete manner. 

Garland gives the directive amid an uptick in reports of criminal behavior on flights. On Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration stated that it had received approximately 5,338 reportsUnruly passengers behavior since the beginning of the year 

3856 of these reports related to masks. Transportation Security Administration doubled fines for passengers who refuse to comply with the federal mask mandate for air travel in September. The mandate is enforced by flight attendants onboard commercial flights. were still worried about physical attacks from travelers.

Garland stated Wednesday that, on the last day of travel before Thanksgiving, he was concerned by the increase in criminal behavior, which could pose a threat to the safety and security of passengers, crew members, and flight attendants. 

In a statement, the attorney general claimed that flight attendants are not only at risk from violence but also because passengers can intimidate and threaten flight crew members. The conduct of passengers who commit violence against others passengers on a commercial airplane is also dangerous.

Garland mentioned Wednesday’s memo that he had also talked about the setting up of an information-sharing protocol with the Justice Department and Federal Aviation Administration. He noted that it has led to the referral of numerous incidents to the FBI.

Garland stated in the memo that the Department of Justice was committed to using its resources “to prevent violence, intimidation and threats to violence” and to doing its part to protect the safety of commercial flight passengers and crew members.