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Spellfire NFT Collectibles on OpenSea — a Modern Twist to CCG -Breaking


Spellfire NFT Collectibles on OpenSea — a Modern Twist to CCG
  • Spellfire releases a new version of Collectible Card Game with a modern twist — NFTs.
  • The NFT cards come in both digital and physical form – a first of its kind.
  • OpenSea has now released the Limited Edition Cards.

The majority of collectible cards game (CCG) themes are based on fantasy, science fiction and horror. CCG gamers have been increasingly interested in digital collectible cards. The popularity of digital collectible cards has led to a flurry in use cases for this once-exclusive physical game.

CCG saw more digitalization due to the crisis of cryptocurrency. The non-fungible token, which is the main focus of crypto, has been the most important. Spellfire was born to bring CCG into 21st Century NFTs.

Spellfire, the ex-out-of-print, collectible card game, and trendetter, returns to life as Spellfire: Spellfire Remaster the Magic. Spellfire’s Re-Master the magic is an updated version of the traditional card games, which leverages NFTs.

The global CCG market will grow exponentially in the next few years with a projected market worth of 3118.03 millions USD by 2020. Spellfire, a pioneering team that has introduced NFTs to Spellfire, is right to expand its market share.

Spellfire is pleased to announce that their first 115 cards will now be available for collectors as NFTs. Every card has been designed from scratch to ensure players and collectors enjoy a superior experience. The cards also come with a unique magical backstory that illustrates a world full of magic abilities and powerful heroes.

Players and collectors have the option to select from many magic spells, heroes and monsters in order to build their deck. Augmented reality is a feature that allows the cards created by Spellfire to be brought alive in your presence.

Spellfire’s beautifully crafted magic cards are intertwined to provide the most advanced features of Play-to-Earn technology. It showed up and out for its players with two key ways to earn — NFTs and Magic tokens.

What’s more, owners of Original NFT cards will receive 90% of the profit from each future sale of their card as a Player NFT Card. Just by using their cards, players earn Magic tokens. This means that as the players play their cards, they gain experience. Additionally, Magic tokens can be used for upgrading individual cards. This creates more fun, higher value and deeper strategy.

Spellfire Remaster the Magic, in particular, is an open-ended game that can be enjoyed by all. It includes both a digital and physical medium for owning cards. This game can be played with family members and friends or with opponents online. Spellfire created a fantasy universe powered by NFTs that is available for everyone to enjoy. OpenSea is a great place to start exploring the Spellfire world.

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