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AMC, Sony offering NFTs to people who purchase advance Spider-Man tickets


Spider-Man Shuts Off the Dark


AMCThe latest NFT-friendly legacy company is now available.

Sony Pictures, the theatre giant, will provide entertainment 86,000 non-fungible tokensMembers of AMC Stubs Premiere and AMC Stubs A-List who purchase tickets in advance for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, Dec. 16, will be eligible.

Small and large brands alike are searching for ways to increase their sales and connect with customers. Marketing has jumped on the latest digital wave as cryptocurrency-collectibles are becoming increasingly popular.

Ownership of these assets is recorded on a blockchain — a digital ledger similar to the networks that underpin bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Contrary to traditional currencies, one can not exchange NFTs for other NFTs as with dollars and other assets. Each NFT acts as an exclusive collector’s item and is not possible to duplicate, which makes them unique by design.

AMC stated Sunday that there will be more than 100 NFT design options in partnership with Cub Studios.

The film’s tickets go on sale November 29. All customers that qualify for NFT will receive an email on December 22 with redemption instructions. The token must then be used by March 1.

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