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Ghislaine Maxwell trial starts, charged with aiding Jeffrey Epstein


Ghislaine Maxwell sat at the defense desk during an hearing in which it was discussed with whom expert witnesses would be allowed to testify at Maxwell’s New York sex crimes trial.

Jane Rosenberg | Reuters

On Monday, Ghislaine Maxill’s trial began with the opening statements of a federal prosecutor. This statement laid out the case against Maxwell, a British socialite who was accused of procuring the murder of her husband. underage girls to be sexually abused by disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

After opening statements have been completed, testimony of one or more witnesses may be given later in the week.

Maxwell is facing a federal court trial almost 17 months following her New Hampshire arrest and nearly two years later. the 66-year-old Epstein killed himself in a Manhattan jailWhile waiting for his federal trial on child sex trafficking allegations.

Maxwell, who has been held without bail since her arrestShe has pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy to coerce minors into engaging in illegal sex acts and sex trading.

At a Nov. 1, court hearing, the 59 year-old stated that she had not been convicted of any offense.

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Just before the opening statements in U.S. District Court, Manhattan began Monday morning.

For the case, 18 jurors were selected. Twelve will vote on the case; six will alternate.

Epstein was a millionaire who socialized with Maxwell and other high-profile figures like former Presidents Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Britain’s Prince Andrew. Epstein was convicted in 2008 of sex crimes involving minors in Florida. 

Maxwell’s trial should last for six weeks.

The Maxwell sex charges will not be brought to trial. Her perjury case stems from the allegations she made false statements while under oath during a civil suit brought by Epstein.