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BMW unveils high-performance XM hybrid electric concept vehicle


BMWA new concept car with high performance was revealed Monday evening. It previews an electrified crossover that will begin production in South Carolina late next year.

BMW XM will only be made available as a plug–in hybrid electric car under its “M” performance division. Monday’s concept car features a V-8 engine paired with two electric motors that produce 750 horsepower, and 737 foot-pounds torque.

While a BMW spokesperson refused to confirm that the production vehicle would match these performance metrics, the release described the new vehicle as the “most powerful BMW M” car to ever enter series production.

BMW claims that the U.S. is the biggest market to sell the high-performance model.

The Concept XM was used to show off the car. It features two nostril grills that are large and illuminated with lights. The front also has sleek headlamps, more aggressive lines than traditional BMW models.

It features old-look leather, carbon fiber and copper in the interior. There is also a command and digital center.

Franciscus van Mell, BMW M CEO said that “The BMW Concept XM” represents a total reimagining of high-performance car segment. It demonstrates BMW M GmbH’s ability to challenge established norms and to push the boundaries to provide the best driving experience for its customers.”

It may seem surprising that the car is a plug in hybrid model. This is due to current automotive industry trends. attention on all-electric vehiclesThese vehicles do not have a conventional engine. BMW has also stated that it intends to have at least half of all its worldwide deliveries be electric vehicles by 2030.

Many see plug-in hybrids as a way to transition from fully electric cars. According to BMW, the BMW Concept XM offers up to 30 miles all-electric driving.

Three months ago, Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW announced the unveiling date for his concept car. told CNBCThe company will unveil a brand new car this year, which it plans to build at their Spartanburg plant.

Spartanburg currently manufactures the BMW X3, X4, X5, X6 or X7, as well as most performance versions of all the cars.