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Salesforce promotes Bret Taylor to co-CEO

Bret Taylor is the president and chief products officer of Inc. during the keynote address at the Dreamforce 2019 conference in San Francisco, Nov. 19. 2019. The annual Salesforce software conference was disrupted by protests over the U.S. government’s involvement in its work.

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SalesforceOn Tuesday, Bret Taylor was promoted to co-CEO with Marc Benioff. Marc Benioff co-founded this company in 1999.

Taylor was a Salesforce employee in 2016. $412 millionHis productivity software company Quip was acquired by him. He co-founded Quip four years ago. Taylor quickly moved upSalesforce has promoted to the top and now takes part in quarterly earnings call with analysts.

Benioff announced the promotion in a press statement. “Bret has been a remarkable industry leader who was instrumental in creating amazing success for our customers” Bret and my team will be leading Salesforce’s next chapter together, living out our common values of trust and customer success.

Taylor served as the technology chief at Facebook for three years before founding Quip. Taylor serves as a board member. Twitter’sboard of directors and Monday was named chairmanPart of Jack Dorsey’s exit as CEO.

Salesforce is San Francisco’s biggest employer. It attracts tens and thousands to Dreamforce every year, where Benioff explains business trends. Benioff regularly engages in politicsHe directs his money towards philanthropic causes. In 2018, he and Lynne bought Time Magazine from Meredith Corp.

Benioff was last to name another Salesforce CEO when a former Oracle executive Keith Block joined Benioff as co-CEO. However, Block stepped downBenioff removed “co” from the title less than 2 years later.

Taylor said to his friends that he had high hopes of being promoted to CEO. the InformationReport on October 7.

Salesforce is now offering products to support customers and their marketing, in addition to cloud-based software that allows sales reps to sell. Acquisitions MuleSoft, Tableau and most recently SlackSalesforce has also benefited from their support.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said last year that Quip was being considered by Salesforce. Butterfield told Taylor that this wasn’t going to happen, but Taylor later mentioned the possibility of Salesforce purchasing Slack. regulatory filing. The $27.1 billionDeal closed in July

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