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Trump aide Mark Meadows agrees to initial deposition in Jan. 6 Capitol riot probe


White House Acting Head of Staff Mark Meadows listens to the briefing by the coronavirus task force at the White House, Washington, D.C., 18 April 2020.

Al Drago | Reuters

Mark Meadows, former chief of staff to Trump, has agreed in a minimum limited manner with the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 Capitol Riot. This will include testimony, said Meadows’ lawyer Tuesday.

According to his lawyer, Meadows would give voluntary responses on subjects that he doesn’t believe fall under executive privilege. The chairman of the committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), said that he had already submitted records.

President Donald TrumpHis lawyer stated that he had used executive privilege to deny the release of the wide range of information requested by the panel.

The members of the committee had threatened to pursue a contempt citation against Meadows after they accused him of failing to comply with a subpoena for documents and testimony.Meadows’ announcement marks a dramatic change in his actions three weeks ago, when he was accused by the committee of “choosing the law to defy it” and refusing to comply with subpoenas.

After the committee had announced that it was going to vote to hold the House in contempt for Jeffrey Clark (another Trump ally), Meadows agreed to cooperate.

Thompson stated that Mr. Meadows had been communicating with the Select Committee via his lawyer.

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“He has submitted records to committee. He will appear soon for an initial examination. Thompson indicated that all witnesses are required to disclose all relevant information to the Select Committee, which includes Mr. Meadows.

“The committee continues to assess the extent of his compliance with our Subpoenas after the Deposition.”

George Terwilliger was Meadows’ lawyer.

Terwilliger stated that “We appreciate the Select Committee’s willingness to receive voluntary responses on topics not privileged.”

Trump’s spokeswoman did not comment immediately on the developments. which first was reported by CNN.

A bipartisan select committee subpoenaed Meadows and Clark and a slew of other witnesses for its inquiryThe invasion of Congress began at the end of a Trump rally, where former president and other leaders called for supporters to resist the confirmation of President Trump Joe Biden‘s election.

Former Trump White House advisor Steve BannonFor refusing to submit to a subpoena by the committee, he is being criminally charged.

Trump invoked executive privilege in an attempt to stop the disclosure of testimony or documents to the committee.

Trump’s attorneys have ordered some of his close aides to not cooperate with subpoenas. Additionally, they have filed lawsuits to prevent the release some White House records from being released. This was both due to privilege grounds.

Jan. 6, the committee rejected these claims of privilege and Biden waived his privilege over one tranche of White House records requested by the investigators.

A federal appeals panel on Tuesday heard arguments on Trump’s lawsuitThe committee is seeking to stop the release some records. An aggressive questioning by a panel of judges from that court was conducted on Trump’s legal team. They claimed that Trump’s privilege claims were more significant than Biden’s conclusion that the records should be made available to the committee.