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Google workers in U.S. won’t return to office as expected on Jan. 10

Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) speaks during the Google I/O keynote at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California on 5/07/2019

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GoogleAccording to an email that CNBC received Thursday, employees will not return to work on January 10, as they had been expected.

Chris Rackow, the company’s security director, said in an email that it would wait until next year before determining when the U.S. offices will be able to safely return to their “stable and long-term working environment”. His email stated that none of the U.S. sites will accept the hybrid working mandate starting Jan. 10, as was planned.

After several delays in the past, this new guidance is now available. Most employees had been expected to accept it. returnthree days a work week in physical offices. A small, but increasing number of company employees are also eligible for this position. fight againstThe company has a vaccine mandate.

Officials from around the globe and the U.S. Health Department are worried about the impact of the new guidelines on health. Covid-19 variantOmicron could have up to 50 mutations. This means that it may be easier for vaccines to work against Omicron.

Rackow sent an email that stated it would allow specific areas to determine their return timelines. Rackow stated that Google’s Local Incident Response Teams will help each office determine its “risk level”.

Rackow explained that although employees are no longer required to report to the office by January 10, Rackow indicated that the company will encourage employees to still come in when conditions permit, “to reconnect with colleagues and to start regaining the muscle memories of being in office more frequently.”

Google didn’t immediately reply to our request for comment.

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