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5 things to know before the stock market opens Friday, Dec. 3

These are the top news, trends, and analyses that traders need in order to get started with trading.

1. After Wall Street’s huge rally, stock futures rose one day later

Traders in New York City work at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), December 02, 2021.

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U.S. stock futures roseFriday’s Labor Department before-the-bell data release for November showed a slowing in jobs growth, which was a significant miss from expectations. The nation saw a much smaller drop in unemployment than was expected. In order to find out whether the investors can make a profit, they are looking at the numbers of backward-looking workers versus rising Covid Omicron case rates. Federal ReserveIt will accelerate its tapering of monthly bond purchases.

The Dow Jones Industrial AverageThe Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 6.17 points (or 1.8%) on Thursday even as more omicron cases in the U.S. were being reported. This was the first U.S. report. The benchmark went from a 520 point gain to a losing of 460 points. Following a Monday respite, Tuesday saw the Dow drop more than 1.8%. The blue chip index fell 2.5% last Friday in the holiday-shortened session, after it was discovered that omicron had been found in South Africa.

Shares of DocuSignThe morning following, more than 30% plunged issuing weak forward guidance. Shares TeslaAs CEO, the company’s stock rose slightly Elon MuskMore options were available to him, and he brought them with him. recent stock sales to $10.9 billion. Shares Didi GlobalAfter the Chinese ride-hailing company announced its plans, approximately 10% of riders dropped to delist from the New York Stock ExchangeInstead, you should look into Hong Kong listing. Stock has fallen more than 45% from July’s IPO price.

2. November jobs growth falls, but unemployment rates actually drop

After the September 3rd 2021 jobs report was released in New York City, 5th Avenue has signs advertising a job fair.

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U.S. Economy created just 210,000 nonfarm jobsFriday was November’s government statement. It was lower than the projected 573,000. November was revised to 560,000. Last month’s unemployment rate fell to 4.2%. This is a significant improvement on the 4.5% drop economists had expected. The average hourly wage, which is a measure for inflation in wages, increased 4.8% over the previous year. It was slightly less than estimates. Fed Chairman earlier this week. Jerome PowellAccording to Powell, the Fed could accelerate the end of $120 billion per monthly bond-buying programs that it set up in order to boost the economy’s recovery during the Pandemic. Powell indicated that Powell would be discussing the possibility of a move during the Fed’s December meeting.

3. FDA prepared to quickly review omicron vaccinations and drugs

A medical syringe and two bottles of vaccine were displayed before the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. FDA has found the COVID-19 vaccination.

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Food and Drug Administration will soon be reviewing omicron specific vaccines and treatment options, should this be necessary. according to The Wall Street JournalAccording to people who are familiar with the subject, The Journal reports also that drugmakers have been invited to meet with the agency in order for them to establish guidelines on what data is required for rapid evaluation. Chief Executive Officers Pfizer ModernaCNBC reported Nov. 29 by CNBC that data will be collected over a few weeks in order to assess the impact of omicron mutations on current vaccine effectiveness.

4. There are five U.S. states that confirm the existence of omicrons, which includes California and NY.

An advertisement outside a hospital promoting COVID-19 testing in New York City on November 19, 2021.

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At least five U.S. states — Minnesota, Colorado, New York, Hawaii and California — have now confirmed cases of omicron as scientists investigate whether the heavily mutated strain is more infectious and virulent. California has confirmed Wednesday the first American case of omicron. The second U.S. case was confirmed by Minnesota health officials on Thursday morning. It involved a New York City resident. New York City confirmed five more cases Thursday evening. Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul explained to residents that multiple cases do not necessarily mean that the state will resume the severe shutdowns in place at the beginning of the pandemic, March 2020.

5. Biden is expected to sign a short-term spending bill for the government

On December 1, 2021, Joe Biden, the US President, speaks in South Court Auditorium at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Washington, DC.

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President Joe BidenFriday is expected to signShort-term funding bill to fund the government was recently approved. This legislation was quickly passed both by the Senate and House on Thursday. It provides federal funding until February 18. Although the legislation prevents a fiscal crisis from happening, legislators still have to avoid another one by figuring out ways to increase federal funding. nation’s debt ceilingPay its bills prior to Dec. 15. This is when Treasury Secretary Janet YellenShe said that the limit would be exceeded. This is almost two weeks after her original prediction of Dec.

— Reuters contributed to this report. All market action can be followed like a pro. CNBC Pro. Find the most recent information about the pandemic here CNBC’s coronavirus coverage.

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