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Stocks may be in for more punishment


CNBC’s Jim CramerOn Friday, it was stated that the market events next week could signal a rally in December after an extremely volatile week which saw smaller tech stocks fall due to investor concerns about the omicron Covid variety.

Cramer indicated that he believes we could be facing more punishment for the way the valuations were handled. However, considering the crushing blows he’d seen, there is reason to believe we’re moving closer to finding the light at the other end.

The Mad Money host is going to be on the air this week. FactSet provides all revenue estimates and earnings per share.

Monday: MongoDB & Coupa Software


  • Earnings release Q3 2022 after the bell. Conference call at 5 pm
  • Projected loss: 38 Cents per share
  • Projectioned Revenue: $205.3 Million

Coupa Software

  • After the bell, earnings release for Q3 2022; conference call at 4:30 pm
  • Projected Earnings Per Share: 3 Cents
  • Projectioned revenue of $178.3 millions

Cramer claimed that MongoDB Software has been “crushed” recently by money managers who have abandoned risky stocks to find safer options amid omicron fears. Cramer stated that MongoDB and Coupa are also in the unfortunate position of reporting right after the weekend when the news about the omicron variant will be most prevalent.

Tuesday: SentinelOne, Toll Brothers & Stitch Fix


  • After the bell, Q3 results; conference call at 5:15 p.m. ET Tuesday
  • Projected loss: A Loss of 18 Cents
  • Projectioned Revenue: $49.6million

Cramer claimed SentinelOne cybersecurity company was a great test case to see if tech stocks have been under-sold. Cramer stated, “I was stunned to see this stock had already fallen from $76 to $46, for absolutely no apparent reason other than the wider stock market rotation.”

Toll Brothers

  • Results for Q4 after the bell. Conference call at 8:30 am. ET Wednesday
  • Projectioned Earnings Per Share: $2.48
  • Projection: Revenues of $2.9 billion

Cramer stated that Toll Brothers, a high-end homebuilder has many tailwinds which have allowed it to put up “amazing figures.” These include low mortgage rates and strong profit margins. Cramer also mentioned the hybrid environment that is boosting home sales. Today’s less-than-expected job report will have a negative impact on Toll Brothers. Cramer stated, “I doubt it.”

Stitch Fix

  • After the bell, Q1 results; conference call at 4:30 pm ET Tuesday
  • Projected loss: 14 cents
  • Estimated Revenue: $571 Million

Cramer argued that Stitch Fix was more of an apparel company than a stock in tech, however, Cramer said the earnings next week might suggest that Stitch Fix and other similar stocks with high digital content have bottomed and could rise again.

Wednesday: UiPath – Campbell Soup – RH & GameStop


  • After the bell, Q3 results; conference call at 5:15 p.m. ET Wednesday
  • Projected loss in EPS of 4 Cents
  • Projectioned Revenue: $208.3 Million

Cramer believes UiPath is an important test case for tech stocks. It’s a software company that automates repetitive tasks.

Campbell Soup

  • Conference call at 8:15 a.m. on Wednesday to discuss Q1 results prior to the bell
  • Projected Earnings Per Share (EPS): 81 Cents
  • Projectioned sales of $2.28 trillion

Think about the end of the world. Cramer explained that Campbell Soup performance on Friday was more of an indicator for slowdown-related stocks than a reflection about the company’s management.


  • Closed Q3 results. Conference call at 5 PM. ET Wednesday
  • Projected earnings: $6.62
  • Projectioned Revenue: $983 Million

Cramer stated that Gary Friedman, CEO, has “a long-term perspective” and added that every sale of RH shares in the past had “been an opportunity to buy, rather than sell.”


  • After the bell, Q3 results; conference call at 5:15 p.m. ET Wednesday
  • Projected loss: 52 cents
  • Projectioned sales of $1.2 billion

Cramer claims GameStop “is the king” of meme stocks, despite the fact that he hasn’t witnessed a “real turnaround plan” from GameStop’s new management. Cramer stated that he couldn’t see the point in owning this stock and that Wall Street Bets has lost its firepower. However, there is a lot of interest.

Thursday: Costco, Costco and Hormel. Lululemon, Chewy, Broadcom, Costco and Costco.


  • After the bell, Q4 results; conference call at 5:30 p.m. ET Thursday
  • Projected Earnings Per Share: $7.74
  • Estimated Revenue: $7.36 Billion

Cramer stated that Chipmaker Broadcom was “remarkably consistent” in an uncertain world.


  • Results of Q1 after the bell. Conference call at 5 pm. ET Thursday
  • Projected Earnings Per Share: $2.62
  • Estimated Revenue: $54.1 Billion

Cramer explained that Costco can be hit often after large runs higher. This offers investors the chance to purchase.


  • Before the bell, Q4 results; conference call at 9:00 a.m. ET Thursday
  • Projected Earnings Per Share (EPS): 50 Cents
  • Projectioned Revenue: $3.22 Billion

Cramer stated that Hormel was a “tried-and-true” name, which has fallen from its heights in spite of smart management.


  • After the close, Q3 results; conference call at 4:30 pm ET Thursday
  • Projectioned earnings: $1.40
  • Estimated Revenue: $1.43 trillion

Cramer stated that he thinks Lululemon would turn in an “fantastic report” next Thursday. This makes it an aggressive play.


  • Closed Q3 results. Conference call at 5 PM. ET Thursday
  • Projected loss: 3 cents
  • Estimated Revenue: $2.21 trillion

Cramer added, “I also wish to hear from Chewy.” The online retailer of pet foods that has seen half its stock cut. This is the trend? People call it a bear market. Anything digitalized is being pulverized.

Friday: Centene


  • Investor meeting 8:30 a.m. ET

Cramer stated that Centene’s Analyst Meeting could bring good news to investors through bountiful cash flows and buybacks.

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