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Tesla is replacing faulty Autpilot cameras in some Model S, X, 3 cars

The Tesla Model 3 front seats were installed by robotics arms at Fremont, California’s Tesla factory on Thursday, 27 July 2018.

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Tesla has replaced repeater cameras at the front fenders on at least some hundred Model S and X vehicles manufactured in Fremont. The company did not initiate a voluntary recall however, internal documents that were distributed by the company in November showed.

Internal communications stated that repeater cameras installed on Model S, X and 3 vehicles were made by TeslaThe US has faulty printed circuit boards (or PCBs) inside. An unsound PCB could cause the cameras to experience “electrical discontinuity” which can then lead to their failure well before they are likely to require an upgrade or replacement.

The repeater cameras can be found below and just in front the side view mirrors of certain Tesla vehicles. These allow driver assistance features such as Autopilot or Navigate on Autopilot. The cameras provide visibility for drivers into the blind spots of their cars.

If repeater camera fail, Tesla drivers will see black boxes and choppy feeds. In some cases, they might get notifications that Autopilot functions are limited. Drive TeslaCanadian Tesla enthusiasts and owners blog.

Tesla discovered a PCB problem in its repeater camera cameras and owners could qualify for a “goodwill” fix, according to both a Tesla parts manager and an actual Tesla sales manager. The company pays for the goodwill repair, while the customer must pay or the warranty contract obligates Tesla.

An ex-parts manager stated that sometimes internal service notices could precede voluntary recalls. These notices, according to the former parts manager, allow service personnel to provide a goodwill repairs to customers who are unhappy about being forced to replace part.

Current employee requested to be anonymous because they are not permitted to speak for the company. Former employee requested anonymity due to privacy concerns.

Tesla recently announced voluntary recalls of thousands of Model Y utility crossover vehicles manufactured in China and America due to parts in the suspension that could fracture easily. This increases the chance of a collision according to both public notices.

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation announced Model Y suspension knuckle recalls. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the same. These recalls were made in China for approximately 21 599 vehicles and in the USA for 826.

Tesla didn’t immediately respond to our request for comment.

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