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This new CNBC stock index will track shares integral to the lives and careers of younger generations

Coinbase Global Inc’s employees can watch the listing of their company on the Nasdaq MarketSite at Times Square in New York (USA) April 14, 2021.

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CNBC will launch a new index to focus on investors, young workers, and people younger than 50.  It’s called “The Investing Index”. CNBC Next Generation 50 index.

It will include 50 equal-weighted stock that is integral to careers and lives of Generation Z and millennials.

Our goal was to make a diverse list of stocks with different growth and size prospects. We also tried to stay away from companies that are already well-known.

CNBC compiles the index following weeks of research and input from younger producers and reporters working in both television and digital. The final review was done by Jim Cramer, CNBC’s stock specialist and former manager of a successful hedge fund.

CNBC’s Data and Research team dated the index back to 2021 after they had compiled the stocks basket. It has risen more than 40% since then.  But, the volatility and uncertainty in recent months have caused it to plummet 17%.

Large holdings of crypto and fintech

Jim Cramer

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Jim Cramer’s note last week to CNBC Investment Club subscribers made the case that Apple is a good investment. Apple rose 7% in the face of volatility last week, and was higher than the rest last week. saying“Companies that have strong balance sheets and pay steady dividends and share repurchase programmes, as well as ones with healthy dividend payments and consistent earnings are more likely to be able to withstand volatile markets and support their shareholders.” 

Cramer then credited Apple’s recent 20 billion stock buyback, saying that the stock was seen by investors as a “safe haven”, which has led to its outperformance.

The future of entertainment and travel

The index also includes entertainment stocks with a huge cap NetflixAlong with Roblox.

These are our travel and transport stocks Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Fisker, LucidAnd Tesla

Cathie, the manager of ARK Invest, stated that she thinks Tesla is on track for continued growth despite its recent success.  “Tesla is in the best position to be the autonomous taxi network in the US, and possibly elsewhere,” Wood said. said Wood.

Catherine Wood, Chief Executive Officer of ARK Investment Management LLC speaks at the Milken Institute Global Conference (Beverly Hills, California) on Monday, October 18, 2021.

Kyle Grillot – Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Physician innovators are a major health issue ModernaAnd TeladocIt was on the list.  Wood made the same CNBC Pro Talks interview and also argued for Teladoc. She owns the stock, and she has maintained her support despite it being down 70% from its February high of $308 per share. 

Wood stated, “We are seeing a Teladoc company that will be really directing and directing patients, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies, in this very complex and exciting world.”

The cannabis sector was our first to be listed. TilrayAnd Canopy Growth.  Our index also includes renewable energy as a major part of the future. Enphase, PlugPowerAnd Cameco.

Our food lists include ChipotleNewly listed Dutch BrosOregon-based coffee company,. DoorDash.

Sites for dating BumbleAnd MatchThey were both included, along with a company which caters for pets and their owners. Chewy.

We were forced to take tough decisions, including removing stocks like Robinhood, Nvidia, Salesforce and Nvidia from our list. However, we know that they have all become an integral part of how younger generations work, invest and play.

We do intend to balance several times per year, and those stocks will likely continue to be a major part of our discussions. 

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