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Elon Musk speaks out against Biden social-spending and climate bill

During the Tesla China-made Model 3 delivery ceremony in Shanghai, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla gestures.

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TeslaElon Musk CEO stated that he was against the President Joe Biden’s Spending Bill, drawing attention to his concern about the “insane” federal deficit.

Musk stated late Monday that he would pay the entire bill. Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit. “Don’t fail it. That’s what I recommend.”

Although the Build Back Better Act passed the House, it has not yet been sent to the Senate. It includes tax incentives up to $12,500 to autoworker union members who build electric cars. This is to increase consumer interest in these vehicles. Biden’s effort to reinstate the $7,500 federal credit that Tesla received, even though it doesn’t employ union workers, would give Tesla again access to those credits. Tesla, however, has been in business since 1999. without the standard $7,500Musk stated that Musk has been with Musk for almost two years and is now doing well.

Biden signed the infrastructure bill into law last month. The Build Back better Act is a follow-up to that legislation. The bill includes $7.5 million to expand electric vehicle charging stations across the country. Musk stated Monday that EV charging does not require government money.

Musk asked, “Does the government need to support gas stations?” Musk claimed that they don’t. Musk stated, “So we don’t need to support a charging network. That would I delete. It’s literally my request to get rid all subsidies for oil and natural gas.

Musk stated that Musk should be more like a referee in sports than as a player. Musk admitted that some infrastructure needs could be improved, such as highways and airports.

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