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Meta offers deferral program to staff that aren’t ready to return

An employee picks up garbage in front a brand new logo, and the name “Meta” on the sign at Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park on October 28, 2021.

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MetaFacebook, now a part of, announced that it would fully reopen the U.S. offices starting Jan. 31. Employees have the opportunity to postpone their return up to three to five years.

Social media giant Facebook announced Tuesday that the company’s “office deferral programme” was designed to allow employees more flexibility in returning to work.

Meta stated in August that it planned to delay its planDue to Covid-19 concerns, the U.S. will not allow employees to be returned to work until January 2022.

Janelle Gale is Meta’s vice president for human resources. She stated that Meta realizes that not all staff members are ready to go back.

Gale stated, “For those who wish to return in January, we look forward to providing an exciting office experience that continues the priority health and safety.”

She added that “We recognize that not all are ready to return.” We offer employees a range of choices so they can choose the best option for themselves, so that their decisions regarding where to work are informed.

Meta indicated that some staff members will be allowed to request remote work if this is possible.

The company stated that data, and not dates are what drive our return to work approach.

How to adapt to different variants

As the Covid-19 variant of omicron Covid 19 continues to grow, companies around the globe are having to reconsider their work return strategies.

Google said last weekThe company has indefinitely rescheduled its worldwide January return-to office plan.

Chris Rackow (the company’s security vice president) wrote that the U.S. office will not assess whether it can return to a stable, long-term work environment until after the New Year. His email stated that none of the U.S. offices will implement the hybrid work mandate as originally planned on January 10.

Meta previously set out to bring back employees into its offices. in October with strict vaccination and mask requirementsBut those plans were scrapped.

— Additional reporting by CNBC’s Jennifer Elias.

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