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Play-to-earn Racing Game Nitro League Secures $5 Million in Funding -Breaking

Play-to-earn Racing Game Nitro League Secures $5 Million in Funding

Nitro League announced that it had raised $5 million in funding from prominent investors. This decentralized, mobile game-to-earn racer attracts a lot of attention and is driving its way into the metaverse.

Investors have been very interested in the project, which led to a $5 Million investment. YGG Southeast Asia is represented by Morningstar Ventures and Skyman Ventures.

SL2 Capital was responsible for the financing. Hotwire Studios, who have pioneered innovation in the mobile-first gamefi industry and are easy to use for guilds, has released Nitro League. Hotwire raised over $10m from some of the top Tier 1 funds.

Nitro League has been designed by the most skilled in the industry to offer a great gaming experience, solid tokenomics, and NFT support for the masses. This is the next generation of gaming and it spans across a multi-token economic system. To generate revenue, players can also trade, sell, or own all vehicles and drivers in the game.

Players who are willing to take a ride to the future of Nitro League welcome to enter. You can race with others and complete missions to build your clan. Street credit is required to expand your clan’s car fleet. The Nitro Arena DriveTribe will gain members by adding them to their clan.

A Nitro League CEO, Zaynab Tucker adds:

“We’re aiming to shake up mobile gaming with the latest technology on the market. It’s not always about thinking up a new idea but just doing away with old ones. NFTs can be used in fun, lucrative ways. The thrill of racing is combined with the opportunity to build your niche community. It’s the best of both worlds.”
Through its immersive gaming experience, Nitro League is a promising play-to-earn race game. Developers also consider the future when the game’s setting is in 2050. The world has been overthrown by clans and many countries have disappeared. Instead of fighting wars, disputes are resolved through racing in Nitro Arena. Every win gives you status, power, honor and wealth and allows you to earn REP and XP (NASDAQ) and many other benefits.

Nitro League’s team has extensive experience in developing AAA Blockchain games. Delphi advisors are also responsible for the development of the multi-token economic system. They were also co-founders of Holochain Designs. YGG will also be responsible for scholarship model advisory. It is a critical part of the game’s future.

One of the most exciting aspects about Nitro League is that players can make use of their NFTs within the Nitro League Arena. CryptoPunk holders can use their non-fungible token to create unprecedented customizations in the race-to-earn industry.


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