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‘It’s cool, authentic and real’


Are you trying to find the perfect gift for Gen Z? It turns out that your clothes might have the perfect gift.

Layla, my 18 year old niece. She was walking around with friends congratulating them after the graduation ceremony this May when I noticed something strange in her hand. This is an old-school, point-and-shoot camera that she discovered in her basement just a few months prior.

The same. Canon SnappyIn 1987, my sister was the one to bring on our family’s trip to Europe. What is it about my hip niece to be obsessed with something old and bulky?

Film cameras make the ideal gift for Gen Z

People under forty are my main clients in therapy. Many of my clients are millennials and have fond memories of life before smartphones, the Internet, and social media.

Gen Z, however, is made up digital natives. Between 1997 and 2012 they were born. They have been using smartphones to text friends and take photos with their phones for as long time as they can recall. Film cameras are a way for them to reconnect with an era they’ve never been to.

Gen Z has a unique way of remembering special times with family and friends, not only because it is nostalgic, but also because they are missing so many thanks to the pandemic.

[For Gen Z]A film camera can be a great way to connect with a past time.

The smartphone allows us to capture hundreds of images. But with an old-school camera — unless you have an endless amount of money to buy and develop film — you only get a few shots to capture something candid and spontaneous. One Gen Z client told me that it makes you take stock and pay attention to the small details, which is essential to capturing a quality picture.

The best part is that they are unfiltered and have no editing. It’s cool, authentic and real — you can hold it in your hands or frame it on a wall. A better gift is impossible to imagine.

The best camera

You have a variety of options when it comes to point-and-shoot camera types. There is an instant film camera and one that needs to be developed in a shop.

Personalize your gift with a color-matched camera. For inspiration, here are some examples. Below are some examples of my favourite point-and-shoot camera:

1. Kodak M38 35mm Film camera with flash ($35).

The Kodak M38This classic and easy-to-use product is available in multiple colours.

Favourite characteristics:

  • Lenses with fixed focus and wide angle
  • Compatibility with black-and white and color film
  • Nighttime photography with built-in flash

2. Holga 135BC 35mm Bent Corners Film Camera ($59)

These are the best iconic cameraIt is elegantly vintage, creating a soft and romantic vignette effect.

Favourite characteristics:

  • Focusing in manual zone with marks distance icons
  • Bulb setting for long exposure photography
  • Includes tripod socket

3. Canon Ivy Instant Camera Printer CLIQ2 ($79).

These are the best CanonIt’s not your standard point-and-shoot. You can print photos directly onto the film without having to have them developed.

Favourite characteristics:

  • Pocket-sized
  • Instant film
  • A large front-facing selfie mirror

Tess Brigham is a San Francisco-based psychotherapist and certified life coach. Her experience spans more than 10 years and she focuses on millennial parents and their children.

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