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Oxford University study says omicron can hit the double vaccinated


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LONDON — Two doses of the Oxford-AstraZenecaOr PfizerBioNTechScientists found that Covid-19 vaccines were significantly less effective in preventing omicron infection than other coronavirus varieties.

Researchers were positive that booster shots would increase immunity to the highly transmissible new variant.

A new study by researchers at the University of Oxford was announced Monday. It examined blood samples taken 28 days after receiving either vaccine.

Researchers found a “substantial fall in the number of neutralizing antibodies” that combat Covid after omicron had been introduced to the samples. It was a stark contrast with the immuno responses against older variants.

Researchers found that vaccine recipients had “failed neutralize” certain substances. [the virus]”

According to the researchers, this will lead to an increase in breakthrough infections in people who are already infected, or have had their vaccinations doubled. This could cause a new wave of infection. But, at present, no evidence has been found to indicate that it is more likely to result in severe illness, death, or hospitalization.

Pre-print studies are still being peer reviewed. was published on the MedRxiv server.

Gavin Screaton of Oxford University’s Medical Sciences Division, and the lead author of this paper, stated in Monday’s press release that these findings “should push home the message” that anyone who is offered booster vaccine should get it.

His warning was that, “Whilst there’s no evidence of an increase in the risk of serious disease or death due to the virus, we need to remain vigilant, as increased case numbers will continue placing a substantial burden on healthcare systems.”

Teresa Lambe from Oxford University, who is a professor of vaccinology, said that vaccines induce many aspects of the immune system.

We know that vaccinations are effective in protecting against serious diseases, even if they have been used with other variants. In order to prevent this epidemic from becoming a pandemic, vaccines should be available in armour.

The U.K. Health Security Agency published a report on Friday that estimated two doses (or more) of the Covid vaccine had significantly lower effectiveness in preventing the development of symptoms from the Omicron variant. The report said that boosters of vaccines could be as effective as 70-75% in the prevention of symptomatic infection.

The UKHSA stated that vaccine efficacy against severe diseases, such as hospitalizations and deaths, was higher with previous versions. It will take some time before Omicron is effective against severe disease can be evaluated, but based upon this experience it’s likely that the estimate against symptomatic diseases will be significantly higher.

Boris Johnson, U.K. Prime minister, made a warning in televised remarks on Sunday Britain faces a “tidal wave” of Omicron infectionsHe also announced that all Americans would receive a third dose in the next year’s booster program. The government was previously planning to expand its booster program to all people over 18 by January.

Johnson spoke after chief medical officials of England, Scotland Wales, Northern Ireland and Wales. raised the U.K.’s coronavirus threat level to four — the second highest level — in light of the spread of omicron.

Other locations: Israeli studyPublished Saturday, the results showed that the three-dose Pfizer BioNTech vaccine offered significant protection against the Omicron variant. Israel started its booster program back in July.

Researchers in South Africa discovered that the immune system could be partially blocked by omicron after Pfizer BioNTech vaccine shots.

Since then, the omicron variation, which is thought to be more infective than its predecessor delta was discovered in South Africa in November. at least 38 countries around the worldAnd 25 U.S. states.