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Proof-of-stake blockchain consensus -Breaking


Cointelegraph is following the development of an entirely new blockchain from inception to mainnet and beyond through its series Inside the Blockchain Developer’s Mind. In previous parts, Andrew LevineDiscussed by Koinos Group Here are some examples of challenges the team has faced since identifying the key issues they intend to solve and outlined three of the “crises” that are holding back blockchain adoption: Upgradability, ScalabilityAnd Governance. The series is centered on the consensus algorithm. Part I is all about the proof-of workPart 2 discusses proof-of–stake, while Part 3 describes proof-of–burn.

This is my second article about consensus algorithms. In it, I share my perspective in order to provide a deeper understanding and help readers understand this complex concept. In the first article in the series, I explored proof-of-work (the OG consensus algorithm) and, in this article, I’ll be exploring proof-of-stake.

Andrew LevineKoinos Group’s CEO is industry veteran and entrepreneur, Koinos Group. They accelerate decentralization using accessible blockchain technology. Koinos, their core product, is an infinitely expandable and fee-free blockchain platform with universal language support.