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What Jim Cramer is watching Tuesday — Flight to companies that ‘make stuff’


On Thursday, August 30, 2012, Nucor Corp. offered bundles of steel to Thompson Building Materials, Lomita (California), USA.

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Here’s what I see, December 14, 2021

  • Themes big: Fly to companies who make things and do stuff. Nucor (NUE) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).
  • Will the destruction of retail continue is it omicron or is it the Fed or both?
  • Pfizer (PFE)The… pill could be good… no death, hospital lessened
  • Ich habe Bausch Health (BHC) CEO on Mad Money tonight… This is the much-awaited split into three companies. It is my belief that parts are more valuable than the whole.
  • SVB Financial Group (SIVB)Close to 100 points down but is better with MoffettNathansonIt may be worthwhile to take another look at…
  • Doximity (DOCS)Hold to Sell JP Morgan… Pretty Serious
  • Cathie Wood purchases Endeavor Group Holdings (EDR)… 139,000 shares… kind of hard to understand…
  • Dell Technologies (DELL)  downgraded at Evercore ISI and then JPMorgan removed from focus list… JPM cites 50% appreciation YTD…. but keeps buy rating… Evercore says incremental price appreciation only… too high
  • Piper says Dollar Tree (DLTR) response to Mantle Tree “fell flat”… says some of Mantle nominations have merit…
  • Kroger (KR) cuts back benefits for the unvaccinated…
  • Starbucks (SBUX) union drive is not over… did they hire the wrong people?… First mistake was that a union organizer had been hired… Second, were the Buffalo shops really running well or not? … Baird price target cut from $128 to $126… worried about negative state-owned media coverage in China… Bloomberg According to them, they’re trying to organize in Boston…
  • Zscaler (ZS)… JPMorgan downgrades… cites limited upside, valuation risk
  • Cloudflare (NET) downgraded hold to sell JPMorgan—heresy…
  • CrowdStrike (CRWD) upgraded hold to buy JPMorgan—compressed valuation… analyst is Sterling Auty… important
  • Discovery (DISCA) could double according to Citi… says it deserves a higher price -to-sales ratio…
  • Bank of America Upgrades Apple (AAPL) hold to buy…now?… had $160 price target since April 28th… says AR the killer app for new phone… downgraded on August 5th 2020…new target $210…
  • McDonald’s (MCD)…price target raised $255 to $295 BTIG—channel checks
  • JPMorgan buys on NOV Inc. (NOV) the old National Varco…saying there is strong demand, new wave of global upstream drilling… will benefit them
  • Aecom (ACM)… Baird says good book of business…but it  I think this is a primary infra stock…
  • PayPal (PYPL) price target cut from $275 to $225 at Mizuho…cites hidden risks…
  • Nike (NKE) Deutsche Bank reported that the pt was $166-$199, with reports 20th… They think they will do better.
  • Block (SQ) – (Square)- $380 to $295 pt lowered by Mizuho…again, citing hidden risks…also takes Affirm (AFRM)Hidden Risk: From $180 to $140
  • Musk Time Person of the Year…attacks Facebook…makes point about autonomous cars: “The death rate would drop drastically.”

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