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Apple temporarily closes three stores in response to rising covid rates


Apple Store employees in masks chat with customers at Oculus Shopping Center during the coronavirus pandemic that struck New York City on May 21, 2020. COVID-19 is now widespread in most parts of the globe, with more than 334,000 deaths and a total of 5.1 million cases.

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AppleThree stores were temporarily closed on Wednesday due to rising Covid cases in the country.

Apple says that a Miami store will be closed Thursday through Friday. Another store, in Ontario, is also closed in Miami.

These closures raise concerns about the effect of the Covid pandemic upon the holiday shopping season. Public health officials are also concerned about the Omicron variant’s impact on holiday shoppers. be more transmissible.

Apple representatives stated that they regularly monitor the health of employees and customers. Our commitment to our employees remains unchanged. This includes daily testing and health checks as well as employee and customer masking and deep cleaning. We also offer paid sick and unpaid leave.

Apple stated that all store employees would undergo Covid-19 testing before they reopen. This will determine if the stores will reopen according to their schedule on the website. Since earlier in the year, Apple retail workers have been able to access weekly at-home testing provided by company.

Apple also announced yesterdayCustomers will be required to wear face masks in all US stores.

Apple also closed stores in response to local conditions. They have adjusted their store policies to accommodate customer pickups through online shopping.

In 2020, Apple shut down all its stores due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All the stores have re-opened this year. Apple occasionally closed stores in the past due to coronavirus infections, such as one Texas store closing last week.

California, home to Apple, has implemented a one-month indoor mask ban.