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How Jim Cramer is playing the omicron-related stock slump


CNBC’s Jim CramerHe said Monday that he expected the Covid omicron-related slide on Wall StreetWhile the investment boom is expected to last a short time, investors who are not in it should be able to stay put and find ways to use their money strategically.

According to the host of “Mad Money,” the Stock Market can “turn on a dime,” so be sure to look out for stories that explain how the omicron strain, which is not particularly harmful, as long you are vaccinated. recently tested positive for Covid. His three doses of ModernaFor the reason that he had only mild symptoms, he was given Covid.

“As more people realize they won’t have to go to the hospital or take a few days off if they get sick — again, assuming they’ve got their shots — I expect the market to be able to mount a comeback,” Cramer said.

Cramer stated that he believes there is no need to “dumpstack your stocks” here, noting that Monday’s session saw some purchases by his charitable investment trust. All three of the major U.S. equity measures closed in negative.

The Monday charity trust added to its holdings ChevronAnd started a new position Bausch Health.

Cramer stated that Day One was the selling day when all the stock market goes down at once. However, there were buyers for consumer goods coming in the final hours of the day. Nine of the 11 S&P 500 sectors were lower Monday, as were 24 of the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

“On day two, the slowdown stocks start to gain strength — think health care and the consumer packaged goods plays — so you might want to pick some of those up, particularly in the health care category,” Cramer said.

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