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These are the top 5 skills to learn in 2022, says futurist—and where to find free online courses


Even though 2022 will bring some surprises, the start of the year is the perfect time for career growth.

According to the Department of Labor the economy is reboundingMany industries recovered job losses in the wake of the pandemic.

As a futurist and business strategist who’s trained thousands of executives to navigate booming markets, I’ve identified five skills that can make you an especially valuable professional in 2022 — and free online courses that teach them.

1. Problem-solving

2. Strategical planning

3. Decision-making

4. Listening

recent study published by McKinsey & Company found that companies who scored in the study’s top-quartile for ethnic or cultural diversity on executive teams were 33% more likely to have industry-leading profitability.

The 2022 business boom will require people who can draw from a variety of perspectives, talents and skills to achieve success. It takes the ability ReallyPay attention to the opinions of others.

Take a free course: How to Listen

Highlights: You will learn how to get insights from others, and strengthen connections by active listening.

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