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Introducing the World’s First Blockchain-Based Mythical Horse Racing Game: DarleyGo By BTC Peers


Introducing the World's First Blockchain-Based Mythical Horse Racing Game: DarleyGo

Recent years have seen tremendous growth in blockchain gaming. According to Bitkraft, the global e-gaming sector racked up $1.5 Billion in 2021. Given that blockchain gaming has only recently entered the market, this is quite a staggering statistic. Analysts also predict sporadic growth of blockchain gaming in the future.

Blockchain NFT gaming is becoming more interesting every day, as new technologies emerge. Due to NFT adoption and advancements in Blockchain technology, the concept of game monetization has been around for a while.

DarleyGo is the winner in IGNITION’s hackathon. They have launched their latest adventure game. The Solana Blockchain is used to build this mythical NFT horse racing game. Players can buy, breed, collect and race NFT horses. DarleyGo, based on true-life horse legends, combines horseracing fun with imaginative game lore to create an entertaining, fast-paced, and engaging game.

The Game Storyline

Altair is a planet that breeds horses in distant Galaxy. It’s millions of light-years from Earth.

Altair is home to three major bloodlines, Darley, Areo, or Hayato. The ability and personality of each member of a lineage is a factor in how the horse does during the race.

These horses have a tradition passed down from a thousand generations: The race, an annual competition for the title of ‘Horse-Above-All-Horses. The annual race is approaching. Which horse will take home the title of ‘Horse-Above-All Horses’ and glory for their families?

Because every horse in this game is unique, it is a NFT. Each horse has its own characteristics and capabilities.

DarleyGo Game Modes

DarleyGo offers three different game modes. There are three game modes in the DarleyGo universe: Racing Mode, Training Mode and Breeding Mode. Racing mode allows players to compete against each other. Racing Mode allows players to compete with up 12 players for honor and glory, while also earning SPL tokens. There are six levels of racing: Griffin and Levels 1–5. Unraced horses start at Griffin and work their way up. The prize pool is larger, but higher levels have more obstacles. Live streaming of race events is possible 24/7 using world-class 3D modeling. Trainer Mode allows you to learn more about the abilities and personality of your horse. You have endless possibilities with your horses. The ability badge system helps you better understand your horse and allows players to level up with NPC DarleyHorses. Two types of badges are available: character and ability badges.

Ability badges represent the horse’s abilities factors, such as best running style and distance.

The following factors are considered character badges: Health, RaceTrack Adoption and Mental Condition.

DarleyGo makes it possible to create your own NFT horses! You will need to do extensive research on your horse’s pedigree and abilities in order to be successful in breeding.

Pedigree, ability badges and generation types are also important in breeding designs. DarleyGo also introduces “mutation probabilities” to the breeding system. This increases the chance of breeding champion horses.

DarleyGo offers 2 tokens for use. The $GXE token is the utility token; the $DGE token is the governance one.

Future Plans: Integrate with the Metaverse — Galaxy Mode

DarleyGo plans to integrate with the Metaverse and expand the player experience in the vast DarleyGo universe — from riding horses in the Galaxy, building racecourses, and interacting with other players with VR integration.


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