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Jeffrey Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell guilty in sex crimes trial


Ghislaine Maxill appears by videolink during her hearing. She was refused bail because she helped Jeffrey Epstein recruit and abuse minor girls in Manhattan Federal Court in New York.

Jane Rosenberg | Reuters

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Ghislaine Maxill was found guilty Wednesday of helping Jeffrey Epstein, a sex-criminal and financier, abuse young girls.

Maxwell was 60 on Christmas Day and faced six charges of criminality at her trial.

  • Incentives for minors to travel and engage in illegal sexual acts
  • Transportation of a minor in order to engage with illegal sex act
  • Sex trafficking with a minor
  • Three counts of conspiracy are connected to each other.

Five days of deliberation were required before the jury found her guilty on five out of six charges.

British socialite arrested in New Hampshire in July 2020Epstein was also arrested for child sex traficking in the same year.

Her arrest is her first in connection to the investigation. Epstein’s alleged sexual abuse of underage girls other than him.

These were teenage girls who were allegedly sexually abused at Epstein’s properties in London and the United States by Epstein.

The majority of the misconduct that led to the accusations occurred during the 1990s.

Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxiwell and Rod Stewart perform at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City’s 2005 Wall Street Concert Series.

Joe Schildhorn | Patrick McMullan | Getty Images

Maxwell was arrested on August 1, and has since been kept in jail without bail declined to testify in her own defense, Alison Nathan told me, “The government cannot prove its case beyond a reasonable suspicion and there is no reason to have me testify.”

After closing arguments by Maxwell’s lawyer and a prosecutor, jury deliberations started late on December 20th. The judge then instructed the jurors about the law that would be used in this case.

“She manipulates her victims, and grooms them,” assistant U.S. Attorney Alison Moe told jurors in her closing argument.

She caused lasting and deep harm to the young girls. Moe said, “It is high time she was held responsible.”

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Epstein, who was awaiting trial at a Manhattan federal prison in Manhattan, died in August 2019, aged 66. The authorities ruled that the death was by suicide hanging.

Maxwell will be tried again on perjury charges, this time for lying under oath during a suit brought by Epstein’s accuser.

Maxwell and Epstein had enjoyed a long friendship with wealthy and well-known people over the years, which included former Presidents Donald Trump Bill ClintonMicrosoft co-founder Bill Gates Prince Andrew of Britain.

After pleading guilty to several state criminal charges, including one that involved the payment of a girl under 18 for sexual services, Epstein maintained a lower profile.

For that matter, he was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment. However, a lot of his time was spent on work release.

2020 an internal Justice Department investigation found that a top federal prosecutor “exercised poor judgment” in cutting a deal with Epstein in 2007 to get him to plead guilty in the state case to avoid facing federal criminal charges related to his sexual misconduct. However, the report concluded that no federal prosecutors violated the law or committed professional misconduct as part of the deal.

In a report prepared by the Office of Professional Responsibility of Justice Department, it was also revealed that Alexander Acosta (the former federal top prosecutor in Miami) had closed Epstein’s federal investigation “before any significant investigative steps could be completed”.

Acosta was fired as Trump’s Labor secretary after Epstein’s federal child sex traficking arrest. This follows outrage at the no-prosecution agreement he had made with Epstein.

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