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U.S. children hospitalized with COVID in near-record numbers


Children are being admitted to hospital at record rates due to the omicron-fueled spike in COVID-19 incidences in the U.S. Experts lament the fact that many of these children have not been vaccinated. Paul Offit from Children’s Hospital Philadelphia, an infectious disease expert said that it was “just so heartbreaking.” You know there’s a way you can prevent this from happening.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 334 children under 17 years old were admitted each day to hospitals in the Coronavirus region during the week Dec. 21 to 27. That’s an increase of 58% over the previous week.

According to the CDC, in September the previous high was 342 child hospitalizations per day.

A more positive note is that children still make up a small portion of COVID-19 patients. On average, over 9400 people from all walks of life were admitted to hospital each day in December. Many doctors believe that the children now admitted are less sick than the ones who were there during the summer delta surge.

CDC data show that 14% of children are completely protected two months after their vaccinations for 5-11-year-olds had been approved. At 53%, the rate for 12-17-year-olds is much higher.

Many cases are skewed by timing issues, explained Dr. Albert Ko of Yale School of Public Health’s professor of epidemiology. He said that vaccines for younger children weren’t approved until November and most are just now getting their second dose.

Offit stated that none of the children who were eligible for vaccines received care at his hospital last week had been vaccinated. However, two-thirds of them had chronic conditions or obesity. One child was below the age for vaccination of 5.

These scenes will break your heart.

Offit stated that the patients are struggling to breath, and coughing up mucus. One hundred and fifty were transported to ICU to receive sedated. “The attachment, which is attached to a ventilator was put into their throats and they are now in tears.”

His statement said neither his parents nor siblings were also vaccinated.

He said that the next four- to six weeks will be difficult.

All ages are experiencing an increase in new cases. The average number of Americans have reached 300,000. per day. This is 2 1/2 times what it was just two weeks ago. According to the CDC 59% were caused by highly contagious omicron.

There are still early indications of milder disease than in previous variants, and people seem to benefit from the booster plus vaccine.

Health officials in California reported that 80 children with COVID-19 infection were admitted to hospital over the week of December 20-26. This compares to 50 who were admitted during November’s last week.

Seattle Children’s Hospital also saw an increase in admissions over the week. Although they’re not as seriously ill as those who had been hospitalized last summer, Dr. John McGuire said that the effect of the micron wave is already evident and will be fully apparent in the weeks ahead.

New York City’s Health Authorities have also raised alarm.

In New York City, between December 5 and 24, the average number of COVID-19-infected children who were admitted to hospital each week increased to 22 from 22. It increased from 70 to 184. Nearly 5,000 New Yorkers were treated with COVID-19.

Ko stated that a fourfold increase in New York City’s population causes everyone to be concerned, but it is a very small number. The risk of children being hospitalized is low, however those who are vaccinated have an increased chance.

According to Dr. Al Sacchetti of Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, Camden, New Jersey’s chief of emergency services, the Omicrons are being handled very well by vaccinated children.

He said, “It makes all the difference in the way these children tolerate the disease.

Children have died of COVID-19 in a few cases during the current pandemic. The American Academy of Pediatrics reported that 721 Americans had succumbed to COVID-19 as of last Wednesday. More than 800,000. is the overall death rate in America.

According to the pediatrics group, almost 199,000 cases of child COVID-19 were reported between Dec. 16 and 23. It was approximately 20% of over 950,000 reported cases for the week.

Although many children with COVID-19 will make a full recovery at home, some may come in contact with more severe cases, according to Dr. Jason Terk of North Texas. He said that he cared about a 10-year old boy who had COVID-19. His father was also well managed, and sadly, he died.

He said that while the death of a parent can be devastating, it is not possible to quantify toxic stress in a situation like this for young people.