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Best pieces of advice Kevin O’Leary gave us in 2021


Kevin O’Leary does not hesitate to offer advice. His appearances on shows such as CNBC’s “Money Court”He is an entrepreneur who shares wisdom via his social media platforms.

CNBC Make It interviewed O’Leary a number of times during the year, on topics such as investing in dogecoinYou can find more information here shopping for a watch.

These are the top four pieces of business advice that entrepreneurs can take with them into 2021.

1. Take good care of your body

At 67, O’Leary is still as busy as ever with TV appearances on shows like “Money Court” and ABC’s “Shark Tank,” as well as serving as chairman of O’Shares ETFs.

O’Leary stated that the best way to avoid burnout is to be able to focus on what you are doing. take care of your body. He advised that at most, a minimum of half an hour should be spent on movement each day.

“Pick whatever that’s going to be — walking outside, riding a bicycle, running on a treadmill,” he said. It’s important to find a distraction that allows you to focus on something else than work. It is important that your body does not want to stop exercising.

O’Leary stressed the importance of exercising regularly and avoiding junk food. It can be tempting for people to turn to unhealthy foods to deal with stress or overwork when they are feeling overwhelmed.

According to him, “The temptation to eat junk when working for 18 to 20 hours each day is extremely high.” The most important thing to do if you want to perform well and avoid burnout is to eat.

2. Don’t delay to ask for money if you are dating someone new

O’Leary said that flowers and chocolate are not the best gifts you could give to a romantic new couple. transparency about your finances.

A couple should discuss their financial plans for the future and put their cards down by the third date. He said that this can prevent any unexpected surprises later.

Are you in debt? Is your family bankrupt? Have you ever had a brother go bankrupt? O’Leary explained that these are difficult conversations to have before the marriage. Because they will manifest within five to seven year as the reason that you split.”

O’Leary feels that it’s a challenge and often embarrassing to discuss finances with your romantic partner early in a relationship. However, it’s a way to build stronger relationships.

“It is a business. This is what marriage looks like. O’Leary explained that the corporation is a personal one. It’s a partnership. What’s the point? Cash flow. It’s not romantic but it is the truth.

3. When your children are young, teach them about money.

A child is able to grasp the concept of how money works and saves money from an early age.

Kevin O’Leary

Chairman, O’Shares ETFs

A positive relationship is key to achieving a healthy financial life. It’s also important that one has a good understanding of interest and debt. O’Leary stated that his children knew the basics of debt well when they were young.

He says that his son and daughter knew the meaning of debt when they were 6 years old. This is important as it prevents young people from getting credit cards and doesn’t help them understand the consequences of not paying their debts.

4. You should be prepared to give your entire time and effort to a new position.

O’Leary thinks that candidates “bouncing around all the time” is the biggest red flag on resumes.

If a resume shows that an applicant has held multiple jobs in the last two years, then “I just put it in the trash, because we are not going to be looking at that person.” O’Leary said. This is because employers invest in new employees and letting them go after a few months can be a waste.

“Have an emotional commitment to your mental health, regardless of what you do [the job]He stated that either you do, or not, they must stay for at least two more years. You must have at least a 24 month commitment if you want to be an employee in a team and to represent the company.

Disclosure: CNBC holds the exclusive rights off-network to Shark Tank.

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