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Founder says quitting corporate job didn’t solve burnout–here’s why


Giselle Sistykova thought July 2021 would be her turning point.

The 45-year old had worked from Oak Park, California for more than one year as an analyst manager at a mortgage company. She was able to work remotely and have four hours to herself, instead of having to commute and transport her son (11 years old) to school. She was able to find more energy and time, so she started her own business, Dwellics. websiteIt offers personalized recommendations to people who plan on moving.

Sitdykova’s employer had plans to return everyone to the office by the summer of 2021. Sitdykova was not ready to abandon her business and joined Great Resignation.

She was also unable to quit her job due to work burnout.

Sitdykova handed in her notice June 1, and became her boss officially on July 2.

According to her, the act was “freeing.” CNBC Make It“I can control my life.”

It was months of her life. preparing her finances, including refinancing her house and cutting her personal spending — but she couldn’t have prepared for the adjustment of leaving the workforce.

She says that she still feels the stress of my former workplace and office politics for about a month. Covid had prevented her from taking a vacation. Instead she decided to work full-time for her company.

Her mindset changed from one of working in a large company to being her own boss. Sitdykova states that her career was based on my title and salary. My new company didn’t yet have a name and I suddenly had no job title or salary. It was like moving from an expensive house to an empty lot. Then you start building from the foundation. You want to be able to move the home you had to the next level.

For several weeks she was working non-stop to deal with the uncertainty and stress. She says, “By August I had to take a breather.”

Moving forward by taking a step back

Sitdykova couldn’t go far so she started taking her son every day to the local park and pool. This was enough for her to mentally and physically recharge after she quit her job.

Sitdykova has been a foster mom for many years and was informed in September that there was a 16 year-old girl in her area who needed permanent placement.

Sitdykova admits that at first she was nervous about having another child when I wasn’t working. But, Sitdykova said that he quickly became a part of our family and shared many interests.

Sitdykova was able to have more control of her time and her working hours so she became a better foster parent. Because I am able to work from home I have more time to support him in his adjustment to life with us. I also listen to and be patient with him. Online school is his preferred option and he will be with us through the 18th. Sitdykova serves as the primary guardian.

Sitdykova stated that she was able to feel like her old self after the changes. My happiness, productivity and energy were so high. “I had the time to slow down.”

Leçons learned from starting over

Sitdykova said that the one thing she regretted about quitting was not having done it sooner.

She says, “Just two years back I was determined on the corporate lifestyle.” It’s amazing to me that I believed I could fit in such a setting. It was almost like trying to put a square peg inside a rectangular hole.

It was amazing to see how fast she built a network with other entrepreneurs who could help her launch a company or offer encouragement.

Sitdykova states, “I believed that once I had left the corporate world, without any title, money, or company behind, nobody would be willing to help me.”

She also enjoys leading a team: “I get to hire talented people from around the world – I have an analyst in Russia, a developer in Utah and marketer in Idaho,” she says. “Before I was able to control who was hired for my company. “Now, I can choose the employees I wish to work with.”

Sitdykova is able to focus on the work and family life. With a support network from her family, starting over has not been difficult. She says that she did this 20 years ago when she came to America. It was difficult for me to find a place, a job or even a house. I also didn’t know English. My only companion was me. Now I am with my son. This is not only for me, it’s for my entire family.

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