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Chicago cancels school after union votes for remote learning


On Monday, January 3, 2022 students leave Darwin Elementary, Chicago’s Logan Square neighbourhood, to return to school after winter break.

Brian Cassella | Tribune News Service | Getty Images

Chicago’s public schools closed classes on Wednesday due to lack of enrollment. 340,000 studentsThe teachers’ union decided to return to remote learning after a spike in Covid infection cases in America’s third-largest city.

Chicago’s public schools are the first to close their doors following the Covid surge. Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City stressedSchools were announced earlier in the week as being open. Los Angeles schools are not returning to online learning. However, they ordered staff and students to do so. test for the virusBefore returning from winter vacation.

But, there are districts within major cities like Cleveland, MilwaukeeAnd AtlantaTemporarily, the internet has been temporarily disabled

Chicago Union members were critical of how the district responded to the very contagious variant of the virus, the omicron. In a releaseUnion members argued that “district officials put the safety, vibrancy and health of our students in peril.” Union members claim that testing resources are insufficient and call on the mayor to take additional safety precautions to stop the spread of the virus.

CPS officials, however, claimed that this decision was unneeded and potentially disruptive for certain families.

Lori Lightfoot of Chicago stated that “Nobody signed up for home-schooling at the last moment.” She also called it an illegal work stoppage. “We must remember how disruptive the remote process is for individual parents, who are working and can’t afford to be at home.”

Unspokesperson for the union didn’t immediately reply to my request for comment. Chicago Press Official: The city has a plan in place to keep learning going through Wednesday, according to a press release.

As Covid Infections hit, the union votes in favor all-time highsChicago. On Tuesday, Chicago’s Health Department reported that the city was experiencing more than 4,000 cases per day. Also, hospitalizations increased slightly over the week before.

Nearly 5000 students have been positive since late August., according to CPS. 1,502 adult school workers also reported cases in the same time frame. Data from the district show that December is the most positive week among adults and students.