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EU backlash over plans to label nuclear and gas as ‘green’


The Cruas-Meysse Nuclear Power Plant in France has a wind turbine and cooling towers, which was inaugurated on April 12, 2021.

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A furious reaction has been received by the European Union over its plans to classify nuclear and natural gas as “green” investment. Germany described the plan as “greenwashing”, while Austria threatened to sue.

This was the EU’s executive branch. The Commission was charged with trying to reduce scrutiny. It presented its “sustainable finance taxonomy”, long delayed rules to member countries at 10 PM on New Years Eve.

A formal expert group has been established to respond to the EU draft proposal. The commission is hopeful that it will adopt the final text before the end of January.

A copy of a draft containing the EU proposal was obtained by PoliticoHe stated that it was important to acknowledge that fossil fuel and nuclear energy can be a part of decarbonisation.

The EU said in a statement on Jan. 1The company believes there is a place for nuclear and gas “as a way to ease the transition to a predominantly renewable future.”

Following months of political lobbying, and much debate, the Commission is now pushing for nuclear and gas to be considered green investments. Germany, along with other EU members states, argued that gas could be used to “bridge” from heavy-polluting fuels like coal.

Advocates and environmental groups have argued that natural gas recognition as green, which is a fossil fuel would slow down climate action and weaken the credibility of the bloc as a leader in the fight against climate change.

France, Hungary, Czech Republic, and France were pro-nuclear nations that supported the EU’s inclusion on emissions-free nuclear energy. However, Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg all criticized this plan, raising concerns over cost and radioactive waste.

On Wednesday, November 17, 2021, pipework was seen at Grijpskerk’s natural gas condensate storage site and distribution facility.

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Robert Habeck from Germany was appointed the country’s economic and climate minister in a “traffic light” coalition consisting of Social Democrats (Free Democrats) and Greens. According to reports, Habeck said EU plans “water down our good label for sustainability.”

Habeck was co-leader in Germany’s Greens. He told dpa the agency that it was doubtful that greenwashing would be accepted on the financial market.

Leonore Gewesler, Austria’s Climate Minister, stated that the government was ready to sue the commission if it implemented its plans.

Gewessler declared via Twitter, Jan. 1, no nuclear or gas was allowed on the EU taxonomy. He stated that they were “harmful to the climate and environment and destroy future generations.”

How does the EU taxonomy system work?

Taxonomy lists are a system of green classification that allows investors to funnel billions into projects in accordance with the EU’s efforts to decarbonize their economy.

Paul Bell (senior director of communications, Transport and Environment campaign group based in Brussels) stated that the Act was contrary to the EU’s Green Deal. saidOn Monday

“With trillions in euros authorized to finance bioenergy and gas, we can wave goodbye to the EU’s green financing agenda and ensure the Union’s sustainability. Bell declared that Parliament and Council should now take action to prevent this from happening.

Claude Turmes from Luxembourg, a Green member, described the EU proposal in a provocative way that risks greenwashing.

Is the European Commission trying to “motivate citizens” to take climate action in the New Year with more nuclear and natural gas? Turmes spoke via Twitter Saturday.

Turmes spoke with German counterparts and said that he will also meet with Carole Dieschbourg, Luxembourg Environment Minister. The nuclear technology has been described by Turmes as being too slow, expensive, and risky in the past.