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Denver Broncos fire coach Vic Fangio after 3 losing seasons


Vic Fangio, the coach of Denver Broncos was fired Sunday after his three-season record of 19-30.

Joe Ellis is the CEO and team president of Joe Ellis. However, George Paton, general manager, will retain “full power” to choose the next coach.

Ellis stated in a statement that “Today, George and myself informed Vic of our decision to leave him as his head coach.” Vic has dedicated his life to coaching the Broncos for the past three seasons. Since his hire, Coach Fangio has put in every effort for our team.

Fangio issued his own statement, in which he thanked Paton and the fans.

Fangio stated that he was grateful for the team’s dedication and “fight and determination” each week. No matter how difficult, challenging, and/or difficult situations we encountered, you didn’t give up. It is an honor to be associated this team of competitors and fighters.

He also reiterated the fact that the franchise was on the verge of greatness.

He stated, “The foundation has been set for the team to achieve great things.” “The Denver Broncos have bright futures. I wish them everything the very best.”

Final four Broncos games were lost by the Broncos, who finished at 7-10. This was capped off by an a 28-24 loss to Kansas City on Saturday in which they blew a fourth-quarter lead and extended their losing streak against the Chiefs to 13 games.

Fangio spoke with Paton before the season’s finale to discuss his plans to address the Broncos numerous problems. These included the playoff drought that lasted six years and a string of losing seasons.

Fangio led Denver from 5-11 to 9 in 2018. He replaced Vance Joseph who had been fired after two losses.

Fangio, who had worked as an assistant for over three decades before he was hired to the position, earned his reputation as a defense master in Denver. He lost his job when the Broncos failed to win.

Fangio and Paton were able to get along when Paton was appointed last year as John Elway’s replacement. Many felt that their friendship would be a benefit to Fangio in a third losing season.

Paton released a statement saying that “I have immense respect for Vic” and what he’s done in the NFL. His friendship, cooperation, and relentless work ethic as head coach have made me appreciate them greatly over the past year.

“Vic is going to continue having great success and I am grateful for all that he has done for me personally as well the Broncos.”

Fangio won’t be absent for too long. This month, he will be an applicant for the job of defensive coordinator.

Fangio was a genius, and Broncos were able to stop some of the most talented young quarterbacks. This happened even though his defense was weakened by COVID-19 or injuries. Fangio’s team has had many tough days for QBs, including Justin Herbert, Patrick Mahomes and Tua Tagovailoa.

Joe Burrow was held to only 157 yards by the Broncos last month. Burrow continued that hard afternoon with two games against Baltimore, Kansas City and Kansas City. He threw for 971 yards combined and eight touchdowns.

Fangio’s special and offensive teams were in great trouble. His game management skills (including the use of challenges and timeouts) came under scrutiny in each of his three seasons in Denver.

In their last six home games the Broncos saw more than 10,000 no-shows, with nearly 15,000 on Saturday. This was an indication that Fangio had become frustrated with them.

Before losing their final four games, the Broncos found themselves in the middle of the AFC playoff field.

Fangio answered Saturday’s question about his record of 5-13 in the AFC West, including a 0-6 win against the Chiefs. He said that “well those three other teams have top-shelf QBs which is evident to everyone.”

It is also evident that the Broncos are not able to identify their premier passer. They have been missing out on Drew Lock, Case Keenum, Paxton Lynch and Joe Flacco.

Peyton Manning was retired in a month. The Broncos went through 10 quarterbacks, or 11 if Phillip Lindsay (running back) started in the Broncos’ win over New Orleans in Super Bowl 50.

Paton was the first to make a move as GM, acquiring Teddy Bridgewater as a veteran player. Bridgewater started seven games in Denver before being concussed and missed three more.

Lock, who was the starting quarterback in 2020, failed to make it despite turning over the ball after making an NFL-record 18 mistakes last season.

Paton expects to put his effort this offseason into finding the Broncos’ sixth and final starting QB within six seasons.

His trade of Von Miller from the Rams has given him 11 draft picks including five among the top 100. He can either use these to replenish his roster or trade them to get a veteran. Additionally, he will have almost $70 million of cap space available to sign agents free of charge.

Paton had so many repairs to do and now he is looking for a coach to lead the team. The defense and offense will need to be rebuilt.